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1. Day and Night OC's aren't allowed to be friends or related
2. no invincible OC's
3: your OC must have Weaknesses and Flaws, even if your OC is supposed to be mysterious
4. wait for a moderator or owner to accept your OC before you use it
5. don't ask for mod. or owner
6. only active people are allowed to be mod. or owner
7. your OC can't be both Day and Night

Says a lot:
Day or Night:


Aaron from MCD died

Have fun! :]

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2nd OC
Name: Chay, but she prefers not to tell anyone her name
Is: An Assassin And Also A Shadow Hunter
Powers: Has Shadow Hunter Powers
Weapon: One Giant Light Blue Sword
Personality: Very Quiet, Mysterious, Smart, Tough, Sensitive, Honest, Loyal, Hot Headed, Never gives up when she sets her mind to something and she uses very good vocabulary
Appearance:(pic below)
Age: 18
Likes: Learning new things, Reading, She Hums quite often, The color Blue, and Being alone to think about things
Dislikes: Loud people, Insects, when bubble g gets stuck to her heels "it gets annoying having to peel off gum that's on my shoe," and when boys make fun her saying she's a girly girl, she's really not...
Flaws: Bumps into people a lot
Weaknesses: When people use things she cares about against her
Quote: Everyone makes mistakes, but I've made many
Bio: When she was young, she was in a car with her mother...When she was playing a game she told her mother to look because she wanted to show her something that was very interesting her mother said "I can't hun, I need to keep my eyes on the rode" Chay then said, I guess you don't love me... Her mother than look at Chay and said "yes I do" then, they crashed into something and her mother died...Chay knew she loved her...she made a big mistake...then, after the police took her home, her father was very disappointed in Chay and told her to go to her room...Chay had a little sister. Her little sister was just 10 months old. When Chay was 18, She was invite to a party and her father said no. But Chat snuck out and went to the party, when her father found out he went to the party and took Chay home, Chay was crying and Her father checked on her. He then said, why are you crying Chay? Chay said "Every since mother died you always said, I'm disappointed in you Chay...When I do something wrong you would always say 'I'm disappointed" and you would never let me go to parties or anything that includes my friends in it! You won't even let me leave my room! You made me homeschooled for the past 2 years of high school and middle school! I'm so lucky that I even remember my friends! You won't even let me go near my OWN sister! Her Father then said, "if I let you drive to a party, you might crash into something because your so--- he looked at Chay, seeing her cry... Chay said, "so this is what its all its about? Keeping me locked up here so I don't go near that car? Do you think I'm bad luck? When I'm inside a car someone dies!? I was young dad! When mother died I was so sad and you knew that! Her father then leaved the room, disappointed in himself. Chay ran away from home, that's when she became a Assassin/Shadow Hunter....
(Sorry her Bio is so long!)
Rebel/Royal= Rebel


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I'm changing my pofile look so which one
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Name: Tina

Age: 11

Personality: Kind, Smart, Creative, Sneaks at night

Likes: Smiling Wearing girly thing (no makeup)

Dislikes: People suffering

Powers: White magic

Abilities: Run fast, A super sneaky person, Cupid

Weakness: None

Secret: None

Say a Lot: Ok

Pet: None

Day\Night: Night

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Chay: is knocked out wakes up huh where am I? HELP no one is responding No one? Ugh my head hurts scratches head HUH MEIFWA EARS!?! I'm only 8... *sits down*

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Emrald is telling me about the zombie apocalypse

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Is trying to close portal to get her big brother Garroth gets launched back is knocked out
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