Would anyone be interested in a pocket-sized version of Open Adventure?

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A quick status update on #openadventure. Currently, work has been keeping me pretty busy (working overtime each week). That, and juggling life's demands (chores, social life, marriage, etc) has left me little free time to get any productive work in. So, the time I've had off I've been devoting to consuming content (video games, movies, etc.) rather than creating content.

All of that said, progress on OA has been marching on. I'm going word by word through the document and cleaning up the index entries. When creating an index, I had the program search & find every instance of particular keywords, such as "Form" (for magic forms). However, this brute force method creates a lot of false positives. Certain words like "perform" or "information" are flagged as "form" because technically it has the word form in it. So I have to inspect each flagged word and determine if it's being used in the right context. Another example is the word "attack", which can have many different connotations. Attack is a verb, but also refers to a specific "Attack Score". So I have to make sure it marks it for the latter but not the former.

Chapter 1 has been vetted. It's a slow process, but I'll get through it eventually. I also added the character record sheet at the back of the book. Take a look at all the updates!

Things left to do:

* Add page numbers to the myriad of references throughout the book (e.g. "see page XYZ for more information")
* Add pre-generated characters for players to grab and play on the fly
* Add a character creation example, combat example
* Add glossary
* Final edit/copy write
* Add illustrations (print version only)

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I need a quick community vote, which do you prefer? The simplified Character record sheet that has only the pertinent information for the BASIC rulebook, or the full-fledged CRS that will have support for attributes that don't exist in the BASIC rulebook?

Has anyone's RPG journey gone from simple game systems to complicated game systems, back to simple?

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It's a work in progress, but here's an updated version. The editor finished the proof reading, and I've added an index. Things I still want to do:

* Add a glossary
* Add the page numbers for references throughout the book
* Add an example combat section
* Add a character record sheet at the back of the book
* Fix the index so it only points to the relevant words

* (Maybe) add an example character creation process
* (Maybe) add pre-generated characters at the back of the book so players can pick up and go.


Just checking in. How's the progress +Kyle Mecklem?

Serious Question: If an RPG has a game master/host, why would dice be required? The GM seems more than capable of handling anything dice can do.

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Hey everyone, just a heads up on a few updates. I fixed some formatting issues, as well as added a few rules that I took out during "the culling". I re-added guard actions (dodge, block, parry), high ground advantage, and weight & encumbrance. I also expanded on the first part of chapter one, which explains the paradigm of RPGs and tabletop setup, as well as re-added the example play sessions (and soon to re-add the example combat).

In my haste to reduce the word count, I took out a lot of helpful information. Information that is vital for players brand-new to RPGs. Since Open Adventure was partly founded on being approachable to beginning players, I felt taking out those sections would be a disservice to the community. I also received this kind-hearted letter on Reddit, that reads:

"I've never, ever played a tRPG before. And among my friends, I know I'm going to be GM. Which I don't mind, I just want to know what to do. I don't really want to learn DnD rules, because I know my friends aren't fans of spellcasting and the like. So my question is.... are you still working on OA? Is there anything I, as a COMPLETE noob, can do to help? I'd love at least the Game Master's Rulebook or a bare-bones version of it. After that you can retire from OA in my book. You've already done a lot. I hope all is well, and please know that there are people who are enthusiastic about your work. Keep questing!"

It got me thinking about a couple of things. One, stay focused on the "little guy" who is looking for a fast and easy game; rather than the advanced player who wants 101 rules. Second, there's been a LOT of requests for a Game Host rulebook. So, I think after I publish the basic rules, I'll expand my "Custom Character Creation Manual" into the ALPHA version of the Game Host Rules. This way, the community will have SOMETHING to use to get a game session rolling, rather than being left unsupported.

+parrish warren had a rather genius idea where he split the long form version of the basic rulebook into two parts; effectively using the adventure chapter as a Game Host rulebook. I think this will be great since most of the information has been taken out and really only needs to initially be known by the Game Host instead of the players. I'll throw in some Game Host advice, as well as more streamlined rules for creating monsters, magic, treasure, and balancing adventures & level progression. That might be all, though, for now, because then I want to pivot to making my own adventure modules (perhaps with conversion charts in the back to convert to rulescyclopedia).


And we're off! Open Adventure has been sent off to the editor! Things are happening!

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Final Open Adventure chapter is complete! Good work everyone! All the spells and psionics are finished. Next step is to send the 50 page RPG rulebook to the editor for proof reading and editing. I'll probably still add an appendix or index at the end, but that'll be fast.

After that, we'll have two versions: the web PDF which will be rules-only, and the print-on-demand version with open source artwork!
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