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The National Front (Front National) Movement is a leaderless, loosely organised #InternationalCollective that organises nationalist, anti-immigrant, patriotic resistance activism. The National Front Movement is a revival of the original 'Front National' patriotic resistance movement that has its historical origins as a patriotic resistance against Nazism, created in France in 1941 by Jacques Duclos and Pierre Villon, that became famously known as the French Resistance. The 'Front National' name was inspired by the left-wing 'Popular Front', therefore, National Front has forever since been considered a right-wing nationalist, and anti-immigrant political movement that still exists today in a number of countries. Although many National Front's around the world had ceased to exist, it is being revived in many countries as a patriotic resistance movement; in keeping with its original purpose, this time as a resistance to Islamism, Islamisation and Islamic migration. Join us and help the ‪#‎NationalFront‬ or ‪#‎FrontNational‬ support and promote right wing populist parties that are against multiculturalism and Islamic immigration.
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