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OK so I went to the Apple store 2 times over the last few weeks to honestly give the iPhone 6 and 6+ a shot. And I can say after playing with them and their cameras that I honestly don't see what all the fuss is about? Not only does iOS look weird on phablet sized devices but the 6+ would consistently drop frames even after using 3 different 6+ devices.

Apart from the pretty ui animations and apps opening quickly (probably because its nothing but an app drawer) the notifications tray is a mess, widgets are sloppy, the settings is more cluttered than many Samsung devices I have ever used. The Camera quality is highly overrated even when you put it on HDR mode. I even compared it to the Moto X 2014 and LG G3 camera don't listen to iOS fanboys the camera is good but definitely not the best. Some of the camera features like slow mode and timelapse are pretty cool (but that's it).

The homscreen is still a feminine neon style that looked like a unicorn puked on it. The Cluttered grid of icons is an annoying mess, you still can't put them where you want without them auto filling. I do like how the device feels in hand though and reachability seems handy even though it looks weird.

The App Store is also still a mess back when I used an iPhone 5s for a month to give apple a fair shot It was frustrating for someone new to the app store because I didn't know where to look and the app store search is horrific compared to the play store. Extensions in iOS 8 are just like iOS widgets half baked and only a fraction of what android offers its still very limited. Many 3rd party keyboards are again half baked compared to android and often times buggy.

Anyways I posted this because I keep shaking my head wondering how people are so blown away by Apple I have given iOS and the iPhone chances to impress me over the last 2 years owning both an iPhone 5 and 5s for a month and my wife owning an iPad mini for a year which she stopped using completely after getting her note 3 because she felt like it was too limited.

She even got a chance to look at the iPhone 6+ I thought for sure she would switch but nope her response was still "I don't like it". Now don't get me wrong I don't hate apple or their products, I think they are decent for what they are, my problem lies more with the Arragont, Superiority Complex a lot of iOS users walk around with because they own an iPhone.

Some things about iOS are nice like the app quality and I do feel iOS although limited is still more refined and polished compared to android but I believe Android L will finally end that once and for all as long as devs and OEMS embrace Android L it will take some time but I'm Proud to be an Android user and Don't plan on leaving anytime soon.


If I download the 7.1.1 is pe restore can I over ride any setting with the settings that came with original factory settings of the iPad.

I burned a DVD-R and +R using the Burn app and after writing a message shows up.

'the disk you entered was not readable by this computer'

Is it the app, DVD or the drive? Have any of you faces this issue?

Is there any way to change from UK to us iTunes store with funds remaining in the Uk store.

Twitter or tweetbot app?

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