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Remember THAT He Called You First...

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Matthew 5:44 - But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,

Okay this ONE right here is something that we ALL are struggling with or have struggled with. Jesus makes it unequivocally clear here what we should or shouldn't do. He reatiated what we've heard in the past to do versus what we need to do in the present.

Truthfully many of us have the mindset that we will love those who love us and hate those who hate us. This is NO LONGER applicable since we've change alligences. We are NOT of the world so this type of mentality isn't profitable to anyone except our adversary the "Devil".

"How in the world do I pray for the person/people that have done NOTHING but to make my life a living Hell"?

This is a great question!

If we are believers of Christ then this has to become our MANTRA even if the LOVE is NOT being reciproated . God never once told us or instructed us to Love with partiality. He simply said to LOVE!!

Don't let anyone fool you into thinking it's easy because it isn't. However it can become easier when we submit to the will of God. "

Have you ever wondered why it was important for God to deal with your heart first"?

It was necessary because you needed to receive His love in order to love. It's strange but there are those who have received Gods Love but still choose to HATE. We have become so BOLD in our assumptions and interpretation of scripture that we've said "Didn't God say Hate the things that he hates"?

This doesn't mean hating people. He meant hating SIN. For example... You may love me but you don't like my behavior or attitude. That doesn't mean the love has stopped but the things that I do disturbs you and because you are a brother or sister in Christ your responsibility is to pray for me.

It's that SIMPLE!!!

This applies to our enemies as well...we are to LOVE them as Christ loved us and to continue to pray for their change.

"What if there persecuting me"?Is it still my responsibility to love them?"

Sorry Jesus doesn't change his ANSWER!! You still have to pray for them. This isn't about how you feel about them but how you feel about God and your obedience. We pick and choose what part of scripture that we will obey and what parts where going to turn a deaf ear to it.

Remember God searches the HEART and your heart speaks back to Him. This isn't something that you can fake or appear to be doing. Your heart will ALWAYS reveal your true intentions even if your saying nothing.

The devil is very cunning and he knows how to distract us with things that appear to be BIG or IMPORTANT but there really NOT. While you're holding a GRUDGE and walking around with UN-FORGIVENESS he has a foothold in and he never travels empty handed. He brings a few of his cohorts with him

1. A Bitterness spirit
2. A Destructive Behavior spirit
3. A Resentment spirit
4. A Selfish spirit
Just to name a few ....
But ultimately a Refusal to extend to others what God has extended to you.

Ask God to search your heart so that you can truly love those who deem themselves to be your enemy even if you're Not theirs.

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Great day family...for all those who need to be encouraged and strengthen I invite you to check out my blog there is a daily devotional that I post Monday thru Saturday. I know that you will be blessed by it and share with someone else. Just go the my website and ask to be added via email and I will sign you up or you may inbox me with your email address and I will add you.

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What God Thinks Matters The Most!!

Perseverance Is The Key 🔑!!
Ephesians 6:18

Many of us have read this scripture more times than we care to count, but I believe that we often miss the part about" Perseverance". Yes, we pray and pray, but still we don't preserve. This is vital in order to make it through, we must hold on.

Trusting God is more than mere words but your actions have to also be in alignment with what you say you believe. Think about it like this, if you believe God for healing of your body you won't continue to claim sickness... will you? No!! It has to be more than you just claiming without perseverance.

Your perseverance is what enables you to hold on to what you believe. God's strength is made perfect in your weakness. You may become weak or tired on the journey, but trust in the strength of the Lord to keep you and bless you through it.

Perseverance is more than saying it is doing and thus becoming. The more you trust that God will keep you then you can stand. Standing upon his word and that alone IS MORE THAN ENOUGH... it is EVERYTHING!! Preserve and don't you give up or give in.

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There is nothing like reading the word of God it keeps me centered. I am so blessed to be able too do so.
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