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I'm going through a break up and it's destroying me. Help

When I decided to lend help to needing ones, I never knew it will be those challenged with depression that fate will draw me to on Google+. Afterward I took the courage to associate with them; and it is quite saddening to see many healable young persons succumb to adult notions, born out of wrong mindsets, being the first thing they come to really hear differently in these various communities. Younger ones should be encouraged, especially to explore their possibilities in God, and not be discouraged from it. It ruins them even more than could be imagined. Adults should take cue here. They are still too young to be robbed of such hope, and possible victory.

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Have a great day!!!😀😊

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the saddest part is everyone thinks I'm happy when I'm not

This is to the ones who cry their selves to sleep
This is to the ones that are depressed
This is to the ones who think they aren't good enough
This is to the ones that suffer from anxiety
This is to the ones who feel weak and want to give up
This is to the ones who have been heartbroken
This is to the ones who are suicidal
This is to the ones who feel alone.
You are strong!
Don't worry, you will be ok,
It'll All end ok; and if things aren't ok then that's not the end
Stay strong, you can do this!
You will win this fight
When you think or feel that no one in the world cares about you;
Just know that I'm here.
You're not alone

Hello group, many thanks to Flow AJ or Cjay, whichever she is comfortable with, for making effort to bring others together to share and get positively inspired.

I am a healer on a mission to help those in need of healing, meaning having to believe in God and desiring to be helped by His power, however it can be harnessed.

Flow AJ hardly realises her promising qualities, and can really come to it when she realises that God truly heals.

As minors I cannot administer healing except by parental consent. And it turns out that many parents do not know what goes on with their children and wards.

While having to go on blessed remedies would required parental consent, however, choosing to be healed through prayer need not be so.

Any strong enough to want to pray daily for healing, which then allows me to connect and release healing on him can so indicate. But preferably, under parental guidance.

May you all stay blessed. 

i ran away to the light and was told i wasnt wanted so i fell to the darkness... i wanted to find a home but was lost in the flames of their hate
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