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Greetings fellow practitioners. I'm now the admin in charge of The Herb of the Day, #HOTD, at
A Kaleidoscope of Magical Perceptions
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I will be making daily posts about herbs, discussing many aspects of each plant.

I'll be discussing the history and origins of the plant, it's traditional uses, modern uses, magickal uses and horticulture.

I'll also provide some chemical information, any relevant warnings or interactions, and I'll comment on the various legalities involved.

For further information on a given herb, or just questions about herbs, chemistry, druidry, Celts, you can comment, PM me, or find me on messenger, Google +, or Tumblr.

Eye Harvester refers to my tendency to use the internet for agricultural purposes ( I Harvester) while still referencing a Blue Oyster Cult song, "Harvester of Eyes."

Brightest Blessings
- EyeHarvester
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