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New POE Watch for XVirus:

WARNING: This is NOT a test.

The leaders of the POE have recently received information regarding XTrojan Reincarnated's new "partner-in-crime", if you will, XVirus. He only joined Youtube very recently, and if we work hard enough, we might be able to stop him before he causes and major damage. HOWEVER, I'll have to ask that you leave this to both DTCM, myself, and any others out there who specialize in dealing with Youtuber's like this. Thank you for your time. That is all. Thank you for your time.


How does it feel to be back in school after 3 days?

RIGHT...well, I'm finally back from New Hampshire. Did you miss me? Sort I haven't been online lately, it's just that the WiFi went out at the place we usually stay at. Anyways, my channel will be up and running just as soon as my brother hands over the laptop.

Just a heads up, guys: I'm not gonna be able to upload any videos this weekend, 'cause my family and I are heading up to New Hampshire for Columbus Day. 
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