How did Obsidmen protect themselves/their Liferocks during the Scourge? Are Liferocks inherently resistant/protected from Horrors? Mostly resistant? Did they have to smother their Liferocks in True Earth wards and hope fo the best?

I assume the Obsidimen themselves just merged with their Liferocks and waited it out.

I'm thinking of running a 6-session miniseries to introduce my Savage Worlds group to Barsaive. Anyone got a good idea for a short-term story like that?

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The german web magazine Teilzeithelden has reviewed the Darranis Adventure Pack. The review itself is in german, but Google Translate does a good job here.

Check it out!

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The great polish blogger Kosmit, some of you might know him from the Earthdawn forum, created some Earthdawn status cards which caught my attention. So after contacting Kosmit I was allowed to provide his english Earthdawn status cards on the Earthdawn blog
Earthdawn status cards by Kosmit
Earthdawn status cards by Kosmit

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Welcome to Darranis!

We're happy to announce the release of the Darranis Adventure Pack for Earthdawn: The Age of Legend, now available in print and PDF from DriveThruRPG!

The end of the Scourge promised wealth and prosperity for many towns and cities across Barsaive. Darranis has been a boomtown for a while, with no signs of slowing down. As a vital link between Throal and the Serpent River, the town has turned from a small pre-Scourge village into a prospering center of trade and travel. But it is also a town divided between the haves and the have-nots, a safe haven and stopping point for many spies and smugglers. Despair lurks just underneath the tidy and busy surface...

Darranis is an adventure pack for Earthdawn: The Age of Legend. It contains a description of the the town and its importance for trade and travel between the Serpent River and Throal, three adventures set in and around Darranis, and a group of pre-generated characters waiting to be confronted with moral conflicts, corrupted magic items, and bitter rivalries!

Click below for more information!

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For all german-speaking fans around here:

Das Zeitalter der Legenden ist da!

Vor der Wissenschaft, vor der Geschichtsschreibung, in den Zeiten des frühen Weltalters gab es eine Ära der Magie. In dieser mystischen Zeit war Magie allgegenwärtig und berührte jeden Aspekt der Namensgebenden Rassen. Im ganzen Land schließen sich Helden zusammen, um die Dämonen zu bekämpfen und die Welt für jene zurückzuerobern, die in sie geboren werden. Bewaffnet mit magischen Zaubern, mystischen Kräften und legendären Waffen sind diese Helden bereit die Welt von den Dämonen zu befreien. Es war ein Zeitalter fantastischer Taten und mythischer Geschichten.

Es war das Zeitalter der Legenden.

Earthdawn: Das Zeitalter der Legenden ist ein Fantasy-Rollenspiel in einer Welt epischer Abenteuer, großer Magie und tödlichen Gefahren. Die Erzählorientierte Spielmechanik ist intuitiv und einfach zu erlernen, und erlaubt es euch aufregende Geschichten über mächtige Adepten in dieser alten Ära der Helden zu erzählen.

Dieses Buch enthält alle Regeln die zum spielen benötigt werden, inklusive einer Einführung in die Welt von Earthdawn. Das Spiel baut auf den bereits veröffentlichten Quellmaterialien auf. So kann es mit einer bereits bestehenden Earthdawn-Sammlung verwendet werden, unabhängig von der Edition oder als Einstieg in die Welt von Earthdawn dienen.

Weitere Informationen und Downloads findet ihr hier:

Has anyone ever made or found a Discipline Creator tool?
I've built a number by hand and was thinking an online or Excel generator would be a great tool for players and GMs

I started a Meetup in Northern New Jersey that is a launching a 1e/FASA Earthdawn game, and there is always room for another one if anyone else is interested in running

Just had something of an epiphany last night while watching YouTube videos about the Fallout universe's lore:

Vault-Tec = Book of Tomorrow
Vaults = Kaers

In the Fallout games, as your character wanders the post-apocalyptic wasteland you occasionally come across a Vault; most of the time they're already open and deserted, but much of the fun comes when you explore it, looking for artifacts and supplies and learning from the computers and other clues what happened to the original Vault inhabitants. Most of them were subjected to social experiments, many of them with horrifying results.

So, taking inspiration from Fallout, I'm thinking that I should devote more thought to giving abandoned Kaers "themes" - creating a deeper and more specific story regarding what happened to the original inhabitants of the Kaer, letting that dictate what the interior of the Kaer looks like and creating a mystery that the PCs can figure out if they want; and creating weirder societies in Kaers whose population are still alive, the results of events that took place during the Scourge, or even being influenced by more subtle Horrors who infiltrated the Kaer and toyed with the inhabitants in ways that may be more interesting than just "they drove everyone insane and then ate them."

I haven't used Kaers very much in my previous Earthdawn games, but thinking about them in this way makes me very interested in doing so in the future.

Hello people.

I have just acquired the beautiful The Age of Legend book by Vagrant, and I am one of those who are very much in the target audience of the book. I have followed Earthdawn from afar since I first heard about in the nineties. Intrigued by the setting, but intimidated by the rules. When the Savage Worlds edition was published I quickly bought the book, but couldn’t really get into it. I don’t know if it was the book or if was me, but it just didn’t make me enthusiastic enough to finish it.

The Age of Legend on the other hand is perfect. Evocative and rules light - exactly what I need in my gaming life at the moment. I also like how the book presents the setting in broad strokes. Enough detail to spark ideas, but not so many that it feels restrictive. Love it.

But for a complete setting newbie like me, this leads to a lot of questions about the nitty gritty of the setting. Some of which I hope you guys can help me with. So in no particular order:

1) Adepts and normal people. How common are adepts? Do they stand out as epic heroes in the making, or will every little hamlet have one or two adepts? I guess I’m asking about how awed people will be when they meet adepts. Is it more like meeting a 5th level fighter (dangerous but not earth shattering) or more a like meeting a proto exalt?

2) When you use talents does this involve lots of visual effects? Does it look obviously magical or just extremely skilled?

3) Theran empire: Was this a human empire, elven empire or a multiracial empire? And if you were to describe it using analogues from earth, which ones would you pick? Rome? Persia? Something else? I’m I wrong when I picture it occupying the earthdawn version of middle east/Mediterranean?

4) Airships: What makes these babies fly? I see that the Air sailor talent states that you need it to be crew an airship. Does this mean that it is the crew that keeps the ships in the air and that every crewmember is an adept?

I think this enough for now.
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