For victims of dog bites, people interested in fair dog bite laws, and those who want to ask Attorney Kenneth M. Phillips a question.
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Kat Brennan

Discussion  - 
What is the difference between a dog bite lawyer and a personal injury lawyer? My brother got attacked by his landlords dog and we are trying to find a lawyer to take his case. I feel like it is a pretty cut and dry case, but who knows?
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A personal injury lawyer handles many types of cases. Examples include auto accidents, trip and fall, playground injuries, defamation, etc. In other words, all types of cases in which the injuries affect the human body. A dog bite lawyer is an attorney who handles dog bite cases. The issue you need to resolve is whether the dog bite lawyer handles ONLY dog bite cases or also handles some or all of the other types of cases that I mentioned. As far as I know, I am the only lawyer in the USA who handles nothing but dog bite cases, and I have been doing so since the 1990's. When considering whether to retain an attorney, it is important to find out what he or she is experienced in. I do dog bite cases every day, I write about them every day, and I study them every day. So I call myself a dog bite lawyer. 
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Kenneth Phillips

Discussion  - 
In Riverside, California, pit bulls must now be sterilized, according to an ordinance passed today. This is long overdue: bad breeding has made this dog entirely unrecognizable from the pit bull of 100 years ago, and turned it into an unpredictable killer of children, the elderly, and its owners. This year at least 20 of the 22 human fatalities from dog maulings have been caused by pit bulls. 
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About this community

The purpose of this community is to discuss actual dog bite incidents and dog bite laws, and to promote the adoption of fair public policies regarding dog bites and the law. The moderator is Attorney Kenneth M. Phillips, the author of Dog Bite Law and legal representative of dog bite victims throughout the USA. Invitation to the group is by application.

Kendall Meade

Discussion  - 
Before you go lieing some more. Let me school you in the "facts" that you have that are wrong. The pitbull has been around for a very long time. The name pitbull is from when they would throw the dogs "pitbulls" into the pits where the bull fights would happen. And the dogs would chase away the bull. Hence the name PitBull, also they were known for being GREAT babysitters. They were known as the nanny, because they are loving and they are great Protectors. Its NOT the breed! Its the owners who mold them. Do you blame the child for a divorce? Do you blame the car for drunk drivers? Its not the dogs fault! If you were actually smart, you would realize its the other end of the leash to blame! Open your eyes, its all about how you TRAIN them. A baby isn't born knowing how to kill, its taught by someone.

I've been bit by dogs, birds, horses, zebras, and camels. In the end I have never blamed the animal. Also half the people you represent, think if every single one of them have told you exactly what they were doing before they were bit? Dogs don't just run up and bite you for no reason. Stop putting the wrong animal at fault its not the dogs, its corrupt men. 
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Kendall, I favor sterilization of all breeds of dog. Do you believe that my position makes me biased against pit bulls? Further, I favor restricting the people who can possess pit bulls and the situations that pit bulls can be put into. Do you believe that my position makes me biased for that reason? If you answer "no" to both of these questions, then I need to point out to you that you are doing to me the same thing that you accused me of, which is being biased and prejudiced.

You have wrongly assumed that because I represent the victims of dog attacks, that I am somehow biased against pit bulls. I do not favor rounding up all pit bulls and killing them, or taking them away from people who are qualified to have them.

I have certainly appreciated the last several messages that you sent me, but not the one that mentioned someone killing me, or the one before that, which accused me of being a liar as well as other things. You and all pit bull owners need to be careful when engaging people because the senseless accusations and implicit threats create the impression that as pit bull owner is a dangerous person who is capable of hurting her neighbors. That impression does nothing to help your cause. It does nothing for pit bulls. 
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Kenneth Phillips

Discussion  - 
The one bite rule needs to be replaced by a statute that makes a dog owner legally liable for the payment of all of a dog bite victim's expenses, pain, suffering and loss of the quality of life. Two-thirds of American states have dog bite statutes that do this, but the other third do not. In this video from 2007, Attorney Kenneth M. Phillips explains the horrible consequences of the one bite rule to members of the Tennessee legislature. As a result of this testimony as well as the stories told directly by dog bite victims, Tennessee changed its dog laws. 
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