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Hi. I have an exciting large project in Australia that I believe would suit the Scout products, but as usual timing is everything, and I have only just discovered these devices - right in the middle of re-branding of the company. I am in need of a Lead scout and 4-5 field scouts. Is there any opportunity to purchase these within the community, as I am about to commit to a product designer for the build of a new product? Regards, Iain

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Do you want a cross-platform system for your object network? 
Apio is completely LWM compatible!

did somebody know who to get this working
I'm using the pinoccio board with the fastLed 2.1 library ?

I tried to run a simpel  test code using a apa102 chipset 

we got this error message . 

\FastLED/FastLED.h:115: undefined reference to `__cxa_guard_acquire'
\FastLED.h:115: undefined reference to `__cxa_guard_release'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
Error compiling.

If i'm using a ws2811 ( non clock led ) there are more Error in compiling 

Does somebody know a answer 


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Found yesterday 😎

I was wondering if its possible to use a relay to control a US socket. I have it all wired up but not sure if I can get enough power out of the pinoccio to turn on the relay. Where would anyone suggest putting the low voltage wires into what pins for control by pinoccio or is this no possible.  Thanks in advance. 

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If anyone is interested, I wrote a node red flow to "wrap up" the rest api and get pinoccio to be integrated with other flows.

there's also a related thread in the pinoccio forum if you prefer to comment there.
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