Hello I'm new to this community and g+

Name: empoleon
Age: 16
Speciality: really good defense

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Final repost, I think.

I think my community's dead tho.

We'll just have to see.
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Name: Tiergan (the correct pronunciation is “tear-gon”)

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Pokémon Species: Aggron

Pokémon Type: Steel/Rock

Move set (all are non-TM/HM): Metal Claw, Iron Tail, Rock Slide, Protect.

Likes: Despite his burly and intimidating appearance, Tiergon’s one soft spot happens to be in relation to plant life. Whether it’s a large tree or the smallest blade of grass, every bit of greenery fascinates him. Because of this, he hates to see it destroyed or even eaten. Usually, he’ll tough out watching another Pokémon eat said plants. If there happens to be not good enough a reason for their destruction however, he often attacks whomever is doing harm to an environment. In his free time, Tiergon also likes to engage in friendly duels with others. He sees combat as a skill that can always use improvement, because he knows there will always be another Pokémon stronger than himself out in the world. His last liking belongs to any and all ores. When Tiergon isn't fighting or admiring nature, he’s searching for caves to exploit. He keeps an entire collection of ores in his home, a collection that grows more with each passing week. He often makes it a must to collect something new each seven days.

Dislikes: Naturally, Aggron are tall. Having a large height comes with a big price. Whenever it rains, Tiergon becomes mildly uncomfortable. The reason? Lightning. Being that his body is slightly higher up from the ground compared to other Pokémon and objects, he’s a fairly easy target when it comes to getting struck. Even worse, the steel on his body is a natural conductor for energy. It’s very painful whenever lighting decides to coarse through his body, so he usually tried to find shelter as soon as possible, even if a small storm rolls in. Additionally, he doesn't like destructive or aggressive Pokémon. He does noy like seeing things destroyed, but also chooses not to start all-on fights. He tends to stop thinking clearly in the middle of legitimate combat, and often kills other Pokémon if given the chance.

Bio: Presently, Tiergon is assigned as a guard to a large set of doors that are located on the outskirts of Lostlorn Forest. On most occasions, absolutely no-one is aloud through them. Many Pokémon theorize as to what could be behind said doors. Perhaps it’s a total stockpile of supplies, or maybe some sort of safe haven. Theories aside, Tiergon is the sole protector of the doors, alongside a Ryhperior that is usually the only other Pokémon he converses with on duty. His form of payment for his protection is the ability to enter whatever is beyond the towering doors when his shift is over. This is usually just at the beginning of dusk, when he and his partner switch out with two other guards to replenish themselves after a long day’s work. On occasion, Tiergon is allowed to wander about the local area if it’s an easy-going day (meaning there haven't been Pokémon attempting to try and breach the forest doors.) During this time, he waters dying plant life or takes long hikes. His life wasn't always this orderly, however. For the first decade of his life, Tiergon was always on the very edge of death. As an Aron, he did not grow up with loving parents. Larger Pokémon would often attack him, and human trainers would attempt to contain him. The first ten years of his life were spent running and struggling to survive. Eventually, Tiergon began to train himself and grow stronger in time. By age 16, he evolved into Lairon and began fighting back and discontinuing clinging to life. Each day was a new adventure, for he was constantly on the move. Seven years made their passing, and all of the fighting made Tiergon evolve once more. Now, Pokémon and trainers alike did not go near him nearly as much as they used to. He began getting lucky for once, for a trainer that dared step up to try and fight him lost and happened to drop a mega stone upon fleeing. Tiergon adopted the stone as a trinket, but soon lost it a couple years later. Life was to throw another curve ball at him, a hurricane. He believed that he was strong enough to overcome the weather, which almost proved fatal. A large lighting strike surged through his body twenty minutes into fighting through the storm. Tiergon’s entire body was nearly fried, and his stone was shattered by nature’s energy. The shards of the stone were picked up by the hurricane’s wind and jabbed into the Aggron’s body. He nearly died from the sheer power of the bolt through his spine, but something had prevented his death. The power within the mega stone had become merged within him, and caused him to gain control of self-mega evolution. Since that stormy night, Tiergon likes to keep that information to himself. He only uses mega evolution in an absolute emergency, for he can only use it for a short time before all of his energy is sapped. Now, after twenty five years of wandering, he has grown accustomed to his new occupation, as simple as it may be. He’s just happy that he has friends to count on and a place to finally settle down in. To him, it’s a miracle that he can actually stop to enjoy life.
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People need for roleplay on hang outs this might be a video and is full of adventure say my and join be what ever Pokémon you want please join us though we would appreciate it just say me to join and u will be invited and be whatever pokemon you want

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likes:fire,battle winning
moves:flame charge,dig,quick attack,flame wheel
bio:was a jotoh starter but escaped so it would be captured it is always moving

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Name: neon
Age: 16
Moves:dark pulse, crunch, shadow ball, slash
Likes: berries,caves,music,battles
Dislikes: bad people,being called cute,poke balls.
Personality:shy at first but when you know her she can be loud, funny,brave and kind
Bio: she lives alone in the forest and likes to travel around the place and making friends even if their human or not
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( open RP for all)Runs Down the forest and jumps from tree to tree then you see me on a tree
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Do our OCs have to be Pokemon, or can we be trainers?

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((new here))
Name: Aura
Age: 17
Pokemon: Lucario
Gender: Male
Moves: Aura Sphere, Extreme Speed, Power Up Punch and Flash Cannon(TM)
Personality: Aura can come off cold at first, but can be a really nice guy once you get to know him.
Likes: Caves in which to meditate, training
Dislikes: The evil organizations, being interrupted
Ability: Inner Focus
Level: 74

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(Third and final repost, I'm running a test to see if I can get the cogs of this community spinning again.)
(Oh wow golly gee, this seemed to be the most active of all the Pokemon Rp communities I was looking at, so I'm just gonna put this here and get back to doing what I'm best at...or, at least try to.)
(This is open, no need to ask to join or all that jazz.)

The sun marks the last few hours of the day with its last few rays of orange-yellow sunlight, as it begins to set behind a group of tall, white mountaintops. It is around 40 degrees Fahrenheit and slowly dropping, as the colder parts of the Kalos region are this time of the year. Towering pine trees powdered by fallen snow, gently sway against the mild breeze that fills the air every few seconds. In a small clearing near such trees, pawsteps mark the once untouched terrain. At the end of the clearing, a ruined cabin sits, damaged by the elements as its last few plank walls fight against the wind. The sound of crunching snow soon becomes evident and loud, as a bipedal Pokemon slowly approaches the wood ruin, a brown cloak draped over the majority of its body. After reaching the foot of what used to be a door, the Pokemon slowly kneels down and extends a white-furred arm with dark grey markings/patterns. Picking up a dark plank of the home's wreckage, it mutters these few words:

"I'm sorry this had to happen...but you left me no other choice.."
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