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Quotes ~ Be yourself,Everyone else is already taken

Name~ "My name is Crystal"


Gender~ "I'm Genderless,But I prefer to call myself a female"

Age~Im 24!!

Pokémon~"I'm a Suicune!!"

Ability~ "My Ability is Water Absorb!!"

Level~ "I'm level 94!!!"

Nature~ "I'm very Calm"


Held Item~ "I'm holding a Mystic Water!!"



Aurora beam

Ice Fang

Air Slash

Likes~ "I love Calm areas!!"

Dislikes~ "I dislike battling"


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Moves~ Aurora beam - Ice fang - Scald - Air Slash

Likes~Peaceful areas


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Name Kai: senju
Age: 13
Pokemons: Sceptile Mega Evolve X,Pikachu,Charizard Mega Evolve x and Greninja
Water shuriken,water pulse,double team and water blade
Leaf Blade,Leaf storm,X scissors and Mega drain
Thunderbolt,Thunder,Quick Attack and Electro Ball
Flamethrower,Inferno,Flare Blitz and Fly

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Edit on quotes added three extra which are "surely there is more to true pokemon strength than z moves and mega evolution" "it always results in z moves and mega evolution" "let me show you the pure strength of a bond between Pokemon and their trainer"
Quote:"there is only one trainer I want to beat and that's red"

Name: itachi

Age: 14

Personality: brave and joyful

Bio: the near undefeated champion of Kalos but gave up the title to defeat the champion trainer from kanto known as red. In order to pursue their dreams they somehow managed too convince their mother and father to move to a new region by the name of Tonos. Not much is known about their parents other that their father is a gym leader who used to be at unova then moved to Tonos and became the fire type gym leader.

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Quotes: "to get stronger and use the power of Z"
Name: max
Likes: Pokemon, training, challenging gyms, making friends and getting closer to become a Pokemon master.
Dislikes: team rocket
Pokémon: greninja, swampert, infernape, haxorus, mewtwo and treecko
Bio: a boy who has been with greninja and infernape since they were all born. He uses there power and other Pokemon's power to get stronger. He also uses his bonds to pokemon to win battles
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i was in the petalburg city gym covering for my dad for the day I was waiting to see if any trainers come

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Quotes: "beyond evolution mega evolution
Name: Xavier
Likes: Pokémon dressing as pikachu performing in Pokémon contests
Dislikes: team rocket
Pokémon: Sceptile swellow pelipper ludicolo glaceon Pikachu
People with on the journey: no one yet
Bio: a Pokémon trainer from the kanto region then moved to the hoenn region his dad is a gym leader who specializes in normal type Pokémon 
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i had entered a Pokémon contest with my glaceon I had went into the dressing room to change I came out with my glaceon (can be more then one the pic of me is down below)

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Quotes: "I love all Pokémon, they're my best friends"
Name: Leo
Likes: Pokémon, and cooking 
Dislikes: mean trainers 
Pokémon: Charizard, Eevee, Dragonite, Leafeon, Umbreon
People with on the journey: not yet
Bio: Leo found an Umbreon hurt, he took care of him and bought him back to health you see Omber the Umbreon is very special he talk like Meowth, Leo and Omber including Leo's Dragonite and Charizard are out to find Omber's brothers and sister they found Eva the Eevee and Life the leafeon.
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