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This is the continuation of the previous ff..
Hope everyone will enjoy ..

The sun's beautiful rays hit Ram's face and his bright face sparkled up with joy. "Here's another beautiful day with my lovely siya" But to his surprise Siya had already left the romantic garden.. Ram smiled to himself as he got up and freshened and left for the sabha. After the sabha got over he came back to his room only to find it empty.. "Where has my Siya gone? I haven't seen her from morning" He made his way to the palace gardens and found his Siya among thousands of blooms.. At once he got fascinated by her immense beauty.. He hugged Siya from the back and whispered a soft Good Morning.. " Am I that beautiful that you have forgotten the time.. It must have been Good afternoon my dear Raghunandan.." replied siya with a soft smile.." yes my love.. With you by my side I never know when the day passes away.. Ok leave that aside.." saying so with a mischievous glance he turned siya to his side " Why has my princess been playing Hide-n-Seek with me since morning ? "
Siya simply blushed.. " And you have forgotten to give me something.." replied Ram with a tinge of naughtiness in his tone.. Siya looked at him with an innocent face.. And then blushed.." Oh Raghunandan.. Not here.. What if someone sees ??" " No one will see .. Come on Siya.." replied Ram eagerly. Siya simply blushed and turned and walked away when Ram caught her by her arm and pulled her back.. Siya slipped and was about to fall when Ram caught her by her waist.. Siya blushed and got up.. Ram looked at her expectantly.. "Ok I give up.." replied Siya.. She inched closer to him and placed a peck on his cheek.. Ram looked on.. Siya blushed as red as a rose .. Ram pulled her closer and inched forward until their lips were cms away.. They came closer and their lips were about to meet when their came the sound of a bell followed by the beat of drums.. Siya got afraid and hugged Ram to her bosom.. Ram pulled apart from the embrace .." There is some issue.. These sounds are the indicators.." Saying so he left a worried Siya alone in the garden..

Butterflies flitted across Siya's worried face.. Suddenly she saw a colourful butterfly flit across and got attracted to it. She followed it across the garden and into a deep forest.

"Raghunandan, is everything alright ?" "Yes Siya , I have to leave for the neighbouring state right now as enemies have attacked it.. " Siya gave him an annoyed expression." What happened Sitae ? Are you not feeling well? The glow which you had on your face has vanished" ram asked worriedly. " Its nothing Ram , Its just that I am a bit tired.. And Ram I think we were in the middle of something before the alarm.."replied Siya with a blush.. Ram smiled and stepped forward but something stopped him in his tracks..


How was it friends ?? I will post the next one soon..

Hi guys!! First thing i would like to thank +Ishana Mohan and all the ff writers and readers here for creating such a beautiful community through their ffs.. All these days I have been a silent reader but now I have tried my hand at one ff.. Please do comment all of you.. And its purely fictious in nature..
ok enough of my talk.. Here's the ff :

The sun's rays fall through the windows and Siya's lotus eyes bloomed. She turned to her side and saw her Raghunandan cradling her in his muscular arms and still in blissful sleep cherishing the memories of their romance last night.. A smile played upon her lips and she slowly got up replacing her position with a pillow not to wake him up.. She gathered her veil and ornaments which were lying around and took out a new saree and went to bath.. After some time she came back fully dressed and saw that her Ram had still not woken.. A naughty smile played upon her lips. She went to the dresser and took her kajal box. She took some in her soft hands and carefully went near Raghunandan. She carefully drew a small moustache on his clean shaven face.. She was just about to step away after finishing her naughty prank when a pair of muscular arms caught her.. " Raghunandan you are awake !!" "Yes, Sitae.. I wanted to admire the artistic touch you gave to my face.." Saying so he pulled siya near and she fell on his chest.." Raghunandan, its getting late . You need to leave for the rajasabha.." Ram did not reply .. He placed a kiss on her forehead. " Well.. I think you need to apologise to me for your prank" he said in rather an offended tone.. " oh.. am sorry Raghunandan" whispered siya in a cute tone.. " You need to give me something for that.."he replied with a mischievous look on his face.. Siya understood and placed a peck on his nose.."hmm mm.. Not sufficient " came the reply.. Siya blushed a little and and came closer and smashed her lips with his..

Afternoon in an isolated place in a garden..

Siya's face bloomed like a flower amongst the blooms in the garden.. She was seated beside a small pond and playing with water to while away her time while her Raghunandan was in the sabha.. Suddenly two manly arms caught her waist.. Siya blushed a little and whispered 'Raghunandan'
Ram took away his hold and hid behind a tree.'Raghunandan' cried out Siya. She went searching for him.. She went behind another tree .. Suddenly a most enchanting rain of flowers showered upon her and Ram called out" Sitae, You are the most prettiest flowers of these all."
Siya blushed and embraced her most lovable husband.."You are the most caring and lovable husband of all.." Ram caught her by her waist and lifted her , all the while being in a blissful eyelock with his sitae.. Ram carried her to a swing decorated with blooms and vines.. Ram sat beside her and kissed her in the fore head and replied in a husky voice" Siya I love you.. I cannot live without you.. You are my life Praanpriye.." Sita blushed as red as one of the roses.. " I am not complete without my Raghunandan.. I love you too.."
Both of them went into a warm embrace.. Ram brushed of the veil on her head and siya pushed his angavastra.. Ram removed Siya's jewellery while Siya removed his.. Ram placed a peck on Siya's forehead,cheeks,nose and finally smashed his lips onto hers.. They shared a passionate kiss full of love.. Their eternal love made heaven shed tears of happiness in the form of rain..

Two pairs of eyes were watching this entire scene with venom in the eyes..Shedding tears of hatred,anger and revenge.." The place of Siya , in Ram's heart should have been mine.. I will make it mine.."

Precap : Siya , Is it you??


Please do comment guys , Your feedback is very valuable to me..

And should I continue....

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Hi every one guys today I will involve Ram because today it is Ashish birthday too and plz comment šŸ˜€šŸ˜€šŸ˜€šŸ˜€
Title: the Love sira
There is a man of kindness,truth,understanding,respect,mankind etc.He is non other than Ram.Ram has three brothers.One day Ram is in a traffic jam then he saw a old person lie and fainted on the beside road then Ram fastly takes the bike and saved the oldman.Ram said to oldman"grandpa be careful it is a busy road ok come I will you a bread and water bottle" then old man says "thank you my son God will saves you in every thing God bless my child" then Siya is also in the same traffic jam and Mandavi feels very weak then she says to Siya" didi I am feeling very uncomfortable and hunger plz buy a bread to me" Siya says that" Mandavi are you ok " then Siya goes to buy a juice bottle and bread to Mandavi then Siya goes in front of Ram but Ram is taking care of the old man
Siya feels her heart is beating fast and a cool wind blows on her face while she buys the required materials to her on shop.Ram was also felt like Siya.she buys and goes to the car very fastly and give it to Mandavi.later Ram finds a ear ring on the road and that ear ring was Siya's one.Ram thinks of it. Urmlia says to Siya " didi were is your ear ring " Siya says " yes Urmlia where is it I think I have lost nothing happens its very important to go but there is very busy traffic jam " Urmlia says " yes didi " but here Ram is thinking of ear ring he says to himself " whose it is"? Ram reached his house then his father says about Siya.Ram feels like Siya.Ram loves Siya ā¤ļøā¤ļøā¤ļø.then Ram says to himself " this would be Siya oh I missed the chance I want meet her ". Siya feels very sad because she can't meet Ram and she was missing him a lot.
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Hello and sorry guys I think you all wait for the next and plz comment šŸ˜‰šŸ˜‰šŸ˜‰
Title: The Love of Sira
Siya is started think of ram.siya is waiting to see ram.siya is singing song to ram and she was enjoying the day with the thoughs of ram.siya is also writing poets about ram.then later on urmila,Mandavi,Shrutkirti were just discuss about siya behavior Mandavi said"see urmila and Shrutkirti how was siya didi behavior". Urmila said Mandavi"didi don't worry of her I know the reason and you both don't worry of her see how Shrutkirti is too worry like you so my request is to don't worry of her"Shrutkirti said to urmila" didi plz say reason of changing her behavior"Urmlia said to shrutkirti" your are little girl you don't know about this all" then Mandavi and Shrutkirti go to room.later siya was in beautiful and continue writing poets about ram and Urmlia arrives there.then Urmlia beat on siya shoulder and called her but siya is involved in writing poets on ram.urmlia feels very strange.then Urmlia shouted " siya didi".then all came to garden and seemed worry.janaka asks to Urmlia " why did you shout?"Urmlia said that"dad I and siya didi were joking siya didi tell dad" siya said"yes dad don't seem to worry ok here everything is fine" then all went and do there works
Urmlia says here self " oh my god!"Urmlia asks to siya that " what happen to you didi is everything is fine"siya said to Urmlia " nothing my cute sister" Urmlia says " don't lie didi because there is a lot of change in you" siya has no reply for it then Urmlia reads the poets written by siya Urmlia feels very happy for it and she known that siya loves ram.siya huges Urmlia and both of them feel very happy.then a message for siya in her mobile from software company to return back to their jobs.siya tell to that " again to job lets enjoy there" urmila says " really didi happy moment were back and let's enjoy there" siya said " we all enjoy a lot here" Urmlia says " yes my didi"
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Hey frnds.... u all have noticed +Gopika Hosangadiā€‹'s jar in ashish's hands, right? can anyone post that video... i am not there in insta... so.. if anyone is there.. plzz post it here.. i wnt to see it..

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Hi every one I am new here
Hi guys
My first ff
Title : The Love of sira
Introdution about what this ff :
This the ff which involves love,comedy,emotion,romantic.I will post like epsoides.It is the modern ff too.I was feeling fear because you all like or dislike it hope guys enjoy and like it too.
Epsoide 1:
The ff is :
In a pleasnt morning siya and her sisters are enjoying the day with her mom and dad, sudden his father got a call from his office then he go to office very hurly then siya think what happen then Urmila said don't worry didi very think will be fine then siya said yes urmila
Later a wind air light blows on Siya and her heart beat was fasten she think what happen to me is every thing was fine to dad ,she calls her dad his mobile is switched off then siya said to urmila that father is not answering the mobile
urmila also said yes didi I too had tried him.siya and urmila was ideally think about it and both want to office and successfully reached to office then siya and urmila wre smiled to see his father .siya and urmila runny towards his father and hugged.his father asks what happen, then urmila said what happened to your mobile,my little princess sorry I was in busy work that's what I have swtiched off the mobile.
Siya and Urmila feels very happy, then his father said about ram to siya.siya felt good about him and think of him later urmila said didi your thinking of some one plz say to me who is he? Siya what are you talking urmila I am not thinking of anyone.Siya thinks Ram and the love began from Siya šŸ˜šŸ˜ .
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