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I was new to the school as I was exploring the school when I stumbled upon music room 3 I wonder what is in this room
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Sooooo~ You guys are really weird. I'm seeing all kinds of supernatural and sci-fi things in the bios. Kinda freaks me out. No wonder this place is dead.

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Hi everyone I am new to this community so it is nice to meet you all

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Name: Rosetta(rose) Valence
Age: 17 (1st or 2nd year)
Gender: female
Species: warrior
Likes: sweets, making people smile, listening to music(pop), pranks, light, nature, and having friends
Dislikes(mostly fears): bullies, darkness, my past, and losing a friend/love one
Fav food: Ramen
Hobbies: playing drums, singing, trains, mostly takes care of her mother, pranking people, and telling jokes
Looks: long pink hair, dark brown eyes(just pretend), somtimes wears a cute outfit or a black dress
Fav color: pink
Sarah valence~my mom (american)
Jacob Valence~ My dad (american)

Bio: when I was little my father past away so it was only me and my mom. I moved to in a small cabin in the woods just a few blocks from the Ouran high school. Back then I was bullied just because of my hair and talents but I always keep a smile on my face. Day by day it got worse. My mom knew that I was bullied so she took me to a Gym to trained to be a warrior like my dad. Years went by I got into Oran high school, i was pretty smart.I just cant wait to meet people, get new friends and making them smile. Dont be fool by my face I can be strong and fierce :3

Host type: happy, and kind
(I can be a rebel sometimes)

Hope u will accept me :3
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(The real beginning to my character's story)
I had just moved to Japan to attend Ouran Academy after my dad moved me out there to keep his job (will explain later in the RP). When I arrived there they didn't know an American would attend and the students almost immediately started rumors all over the school about my sexuality but instead of talking to people I had to go to a room that's number is written on a piece of paper from my dad that also had the message "go there". So I find the room which is music room 3, I open the door and I see multiple men in suits stare at me and…
(If you're willing to play the club members you can join but ask first)

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Name: Clark Griswold
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Financial Class: Commoner
Nickname(s): GoldenEye
School: Ouran Academy
Year: First Year
Type: The Womanizer/fighter type
Russell Griswold- Father
Elise Griswold- Mother
Audrey Griswold- Sister
Appearance: I'm a slender guy who looks weak on the outside but on the inside I'm a feisty fighter who takes shit from no one. I also wear glasses that help out my eyesight after a fight happened in Chicago and I can't get contacts because of my stigmatizism. I'm a bit of a hipster if you take a look at my outfit and I also black shaggy hear and I have Heterochromia which is a condition that gives me 2 different eye colors where my left eye is Yellowish orange and the right is green giving me the nickname GoldenEye
Alias: GoldenEye
Skills: I've gotten a 4.0 GPA back in America despite all the jokes and fights
Birthdate: July 8th
Title of Character: The American or Foreigner
Host Club member?: Yep
Fears: The Police after what happened in Chicago
Hosting Skills: 1/10
People Skills: 6/10
Height: 5 11
Weight: 143
Habit: dozing off
Flaws: Being a jackass to the hosts
Species: Human
Blood type: AB+
Personality: I'm a bit of a hot headed person when it comes to being disrespected but other than that I'm cool. I don't really know much about certain customs of Japan or even at Ouran Academy since no one has told me much about what they do not even when I joined the host club so on the inside of me I'm sort of scared about what's actually going to happen at my time of this school maybe my pranks might offend them but I don't know
Friends: none yet I'm new
Reputation: Laughing stock due to nationality
Reasons why I'm in the club: Tamaki's family has owned my family since my dad was the assistant to Tamaki's dad but when the company was laying off employees my dad begged him to keep the job but it comes at the cost of making me go to Japan and help out with Tamaki's club so I did and became the host's personal slave however they took an interest in me as well as the girls and decided to make me an official host
Nationality: American
Hometowns: Chicago, Illinois and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Likes: Video Games Movies and Classic Rock Music
Dislikes: People who disrespect me and pretentious hosts
Bio: I was born in Hinsdale, Illinois and when I was 10 I moved to Philadelphia after what happened in a school yard fight and the 2007-2008 financial crisis happened that made my dad lose his home where I became trained in Boxing and MMA (which nearly got me killed one time but that's another story) and then 5 years later I moved to Japan when my dad forced me to move there just so he can keep his job as an assistant to the CEO of Suoh Enterprises because they've been friends since before I was born. I then became the first American student at the school and I was slightly made fun of for it but not so much as it would make me go too far. I've heard a lot about the host club but I never really encountered it until I stumbled upon them and… (will be made into an RP)

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Hi my name is Hannah Sandoval and I am new here.
Age: 14
Birthday :October 2 2001
Likes: friends,games,youtube,anime,netflix,making new friends
Dislikes:people making fun of me,being rude,people hurting my feelings
Bio:I play softball I have a transgender sister I have speech problems. I have 2 cats,my dad doesn't really comes to my house often.

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For all Ouran High School Host Club fans, I found something very interesting that you can entertain yourselves to~!!! There is a Live Action version of Ouran High School Host Club of the show and it also has a movie to go along with it too!!! ^~^ I've seen both of them and they are hilarious and very entertaining just like the anime TV series!!! Here are the links to the live action TV series and the movie! Hope you guys enjoy it~!!!

Live Action TV Series:

Live Action Movie:
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