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I really like where we've started here. Since I am now the owner, I will be making some changes. Drastic changes? HELL NAH! Do what you do. Just don't be posting spam or anything stupid. But now that I look at everything, you guys are mature enough. BUT SERIOUSLY! You should read this post, because if you post one single thing of:
- Real Nudes
- Spam
You are banned. So ya! Those are the only really big rules. If you post something else I deem unnecessary, you're getting a warning because you didn't know. Okay, enough of that. Let's have some Roleplaying fun, shall we~?

(If you want to be a mod, I will let you know when we need another mod. If I think you're not fit to be a mod, you won't become a mod. If I grant you the power of a mod and I think you're throwing it around like a dick or something else irresponsible, you're demoted and possibly banned.)

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You was a white saber-tooth tiger & I was a blackish gray fox. When I was little my parents die in front of me in a fire & the only thing I had to remember them was my stuff penguin. Since Nature High School, You bully me because I always had it. As soon enough, you push me over my breaking point. You took my penguin for me & I viciously attack you, after I realized what I did & ran away, leave everything behind. I was kicked out of school & sent to rehab center to get psychology therapy. You feel miserable ever since that day & pick up my penguin keep it to give it to me & apologize. Few years pass, I got of therapy & back on my feet. I got accepted to Wildlife University, it was a big opportunity for me. When I got there, they had me my room key & I started to unpack.
"I wonder what my roommate be like?" Talking to myself as I finishing unpack. Suddenly I hear the door opening. I very excited, I got the cookies that my adopted mother gave to me & put them on a plate
"Hi I'm Dalwin, your room-"
I drop the plate after realizing it was you. Trembles in fear & started to have mental break down, ask myself why now & crying. You come to me gave me a big hug then said....
(Please be Dom but caring & sweet. P.S. Dalwin very small)
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I was the prince of the underworld, soon to be king and my father was the King of the Light Kingdom. Your father let you be king for a while to see how it would go but it seemed my foolish father made a deal with your father and my dad was deed

So I had to be Queen since my mother was teaching me how to rule as a proper queen but my people wanted me to get married so I went to the human world and there I saw your black horses running with full speed and I closed my eyes and I opened them and you were staring at me before you smirked and said

"What's an angel like you doing out of heaven~ did she run away or did she want something?" You said as you got off your sled and the life on the ground turned to ashes and fire
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I were the Prince of the Underworld, soon to be King. Your father was at war with the Light Kingdom, so i temporarily King. People were complaining about you never have a wife with you and you can't rule single handedly. I ignored this and went to Earth to take over some parts I were riding in some part of Earth when you stopped your horses. In the way was a girl 
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thanks for the invite!


Name: Daniel ( prefers day )

Age: 16

Sex: female

Crush: open

Race: human girl

Appearance: just like the picture but changes often

Thank you very much for promoting me, i appreciate it


Name: Lord Owatatsumi
Age: 22 trillion
Sexuality: bi
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon
Weight: 900 pounds
Height: 10 feet
Likes: justice and peace
Dislikes: cheaters and liars
Personality: rules with an iron fist but cares for his people with a big kind heart. Can be funny and perverted at times.
Bio: Lord Owatatsumi is the Sea Ruler Dragon God of Japanese Mythology. He once ruled a kingdom from a different planet, a brainwashed rebellion broke out that drove him out and soon became exiled. From that moment on, he had to find another place to call home. So, he took refuge on Earth and began living under a different name that means the same thing.


Name: Ryujin Darkblood
Age: 22
Sexuality: bi
Gender: male
Species: Dragon
Weight: 300 pounds
Height: 6"4
Likes: old school muscle cars, most music genre, videogames, reading, kicking ass
Dislikes: criminals
Personality: funny, hardworking, perverted at times
Bio: Ryujin is currently a member of society that owns one house per state and one house per country worldwide. He is also a police officer and the youngest at that. He is a huge fan of old school cars and American Muscle.

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Height: 5.5
Weight: 70 pounds
Hair color:Blue
Eye color: brown
Likes: ice cream and chocolate
Sexuality: Bi

Could I be a moderator, perhaps?

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(Is this Profile ok?)

Quotes: "Isn't This flower pretty..?~"
"Will I ever become as beautiful as this flower to you~?"
"Do I help with the flowers.....or you~"

Name: Flora Deli

*~Preferred Names: Flow

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Height: 5'1

Weight: 37 pounds

Sexuality: She is straight

Appearance: Long hair, Blue Eyes, Soft Light tanned skin, Beautiful Rosy cheeks and doll like lips.

Special abilities: She can grow flowers where ever she goes, She can also Make a boy fall for her without even trying~

Weapons: None

Likes: Flowers, Animals, Nature, Cake, Salads, Winter.

Dislikes: Bugs, Mud, Rain, Mean people

Personality: Sweet, Shy, Honest, Charismatic, Caring.

Bio: Flow is a Florist,She loves to garden and attend flowers as well as she enjoys spending time with her friends and family. she has a vacation home in Florida and Hawaii where she spends her summer in,In her busy times she works as an Nature Artist who pants Flowers,Animals and anything that's apart of nature itself.

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