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I really like where we've started here. Since I am now the owner, I will be making some changes. Drastic changes? HELL NAH! Do what you do. Just don't be posting spam or anything stupid. But now that I look at everything, you guys are mature enough. BUT SERIOUSLY! You should read this post, because if you post one single thing of:
- Real Nudes
- Spam
You are banned. So ya! Those are the only really big rules. If you post something else I deem unnecessary, you're getting a warning because you didn't know. Okay, enough of that. Let's have some Roleplaying fun, shall we~?

(If you want to be a mod, I will let you know when we need another mod. If I think you're not fit to be a mod, you won't become a mod. If I grant you the power of a mod and I think you're throwing it around like a dick or something else irresponsible, you're demoted and possibly banned.)

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thanks for the invite!


Name: Kumiko (kumi)

Age: 19

Sex: female

Race: shape shifter

Appearance: just like the picture but changes often

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Fabien Whitechapel was an impressive man, even by today's standards. Standing at well over seven feet tall, Fabien was often mistaken for being a model, his piercing grey eyes and razor jawline grabbing the attention of the women who came face to face with him. He would've been a famous model had he care for it, his muscular but toned body would've been all over fashion magazines around the world. Unknown to all the women who fawned over him and the men who glared at him in jealously, he was not normal perse. He was a demon to be specific and an old one as a matter of fact. Having seen the building of the pyramids and the erection of Greek temples, a better word for him would've been ancient. Bout that his age showed, Fabian blended in with today's society seamlessly, even opening a massive underground nightclub they catered to the tastes of demon and human a like. It was merely something to take up his attention and provide him easy money to sate his decadent tastes. Yet as of recently, something else had managed to snag Fabien's interest, rather it was someone - a woman. It was her eyes at first that caught his attention, the blue jewels twinkling on his direction from across the cafe from over a steaming cup of coffee. With his interest peaked for the first time in a millennia, he took up residence at a table not far from hers, watching her slender hands set the cup down carefully. Minutes later, she gathered her stuff and left, taking a moment to look back and catching his eye. With a wave of her chocolate hair, she was across the street, her stride relaxed and smooth. Later that night, Fabien sat at his private table far above the dance floor of the club, the mysterious girl's face on his mind. Over the next following days, he returned to the cafe repeatedly, hoping to and then successfully catching sight of her. Every day that he saw her, Fabien would spend the night pining over her, thinking that he could her below on the floor with the other writhing humans and demons only to realize that it wasn't her. Finally tired of this, Fabien decided to confront her in the cafe and did exactly that. The moment she came in and sat down, he had a waiter place the usually coffee she ordered in front of her, watching her confused expression with satisfaction. After she got settled, Fabien stood and approached her table, gaining a bit of attention from merely his presence as he looked down to her. His eyes were kind as his long fingers gestured to the seat across from her, his deep voice a soft him between the two.

"Is this seat taken, Miss?"

_Requires a dominant but seductive partner._
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Khal Drogo and his Khalessi had been married for several seasons now and his riders had grown some what used to her and some had even come to respect her for her endurance. As the couple and the horde moved through the Red Sands, they entered the Time of Rebirth. This time was around the season when mares would be birthing colts so the Dothraki were not allowed to draw blood at this time. As they traveled though the Sands, the Khal had gotten word that there several riders on horseback following the horde. Thoughts of his Khalessi's safely plagued him several nights until Daenerys spoke to him, finally lifting the burden from his shoulders. Remembering a story of a tribe who lived in the Sands, Daenerys and the Khal took a small band of men and his death riders to seek out the tribe, trekking all day on solely the guidance of the Khalessi's memory. As night started to fall, they came upon the tribe, the chief greeting them. "Took you long enough." The tribe treated them as guests providing them with food and lodgings. Finally content, the Khal and Khalessi approached the chief with their request of protection as they moved through the Sands due to the season and to the Khal's surprise, their wish was granted. The chief told them to head back to their horde and that there will be someone looking over the horde as they traveled. Traveling by moonlight and with a young boy from the tribe, the small band got back to the horde quickly. Just as the young boy left on his horse, the horde moved off. The Khal looked around in suspicion at whether the chief had lied to them but Daenerys soon quieted him. Out of what appeared to be darkness, a man on horse back appeared, getting the couple. After introducing himself as the brother of the one who was looking over the horde, he pulled his horse along side Drogo and said that the men following the horde would be dealt with as soon as they attack. Soon after, then men rushed towards the horde only to be met with the sight of a massive black horse running surprisingly fast directly at them, the rider on it's back not visible except the pale skull and the glinting khopesh.

(Requires a dominant and rough male to play Drogo. I will be taking Drogo away from Daenerys.)
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Kiku Honda


23,000,000 years old




I have no idea about the world but I have intel about myths and legends

6.4 Feet

283 Lb.

Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Siblings: unknown

I am a have fox half human. I'm called a kitsune. I was raised at a shrine, where the shrine maidens and priests took care of me. I don't remember my parents much, and I don't know if they're still out there. But I choose to not leave the shrine to find them. Since I have some fox instincts, I can help around the shrine by catching the little mice and other small creatures from coming into the shrine. I was then taken by a sensei to train me to become stronger.

I don't think I have a transformation, I just hide my ears and tail under my clothes.

I can form holy magic circles and have a holy power to stop demons

Creating origami
Making seafood
singing old folksongs

I have none at the moment

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Thank you very much for promoting me, i appreciate it

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[[Title: The modern shinobi, or a schoolgirl in disguise?]]
[[Role needed: Dominant Male or Female]]

Long ago, there were two different tribes of shinobi. Those who fought for the forces of good, and the ones who fought for forces of evil. The tribes relentlessly fought against each other, as there could be only one tribe in the end. However, that was centuries ago. They suddenly disappeared out of existence, leaving only ledgends behind them. At least that's what the rest of humanity thought....


The night was quiet through the forest, the crickets singing their songs and the owls hooting. Everything seemed perfectly normal. But, there was some sort of disturbance. You, a normal highschool student, were running away from something unknown. You didn't even bother to look back. All you knew was that someone, or something, was after you. After running for a good while, you stopped by a large tree, hoping that you lost them. While thinking that, you heard a feminine voice from the distance. You then....

((Must be descriptive, so 7 or more lines. This is a hentai rp, so expect some of that kind of stuff. No text talk at all and have good grammar and punctuation. If you read all this, please say the password "Shinobi". Also, choose one of the girls below that you would like me to be. Their names are below, so just say who they are if you want me to be them))
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Name: Lord Owatatsumi
Age: 22 trillion
Sexuality: bi
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon
Weight: 900 pounds
Height: 10 feet
Likes: justice and peace
Dislikes: cheaters and liars
Personality: rules with an iron fist but cares for his people with a big kind heart. Can be funny and perverted at times.
Bio: Lord Owatatsumi is the Sea Ruler Dragon God of Japanese Mythology. He once ruled a kingdom from a different planet, a brainwashed rebellion broke out that drove him out and soon became exiled. From that moment on, he had to find another place to call home. So, he took refuge on Earth and began living under a different name that means the same thing.


Name: Ryujin Darkblood
Age: 22
Sexuality: bi
Gender: male
Species: Dragon
Weight: 300 pounds
Height: 6"4
Likes: old school muscle cars, most music genre, videogames, reading, kicking ass
Dislikes: criminals
Personality: funny, hardworking, perverted at times
Bio: Ryujin is currently a member of society that owns one house per state and one house per country worldwide. He is also a police officer and the youngest at that. He is a huge fan of old school cars and American Muscle.

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anyone wanna rp on hangouts?
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Height: 5.5
Weight: 70 pounds
Hair color:Blue
Eye color: brown
Likes: ice cream and chocolate
Sexuality: Bi
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