We are moving into November, this month is the month where most huge budget rated M video games are released. But this year, new consoles are being released to play these games, consoles haven't been released in 7 years by either Sony or Microsoft. The reason this important to media violence is that this year will create an insane amount of content for gamers to play, therefore, we should watch violence from media, because it may increase a lot this year in November. All we can do is wait, after all, it could shed light on the media violence mystery.

It seems that video games can never escape the line of fire from being accused of real life violence. A recent ad campaign for the new Call of Duty games clearly highlights Call of Duty leaving a mark on someone in real life. The ads consist of people in real life reenacting scenes from Call of Duty and talking about their adventures in Call Of Duty.  Such things show the direct correlation between media violence contributing to real life violence. The accuracy of this point, is not yet known though.

Something I would like to touch on is movie violence, it is often overlooked once video games are mentioned. Something that movies can do that video games can't is create a static character. Meaning that that character will always be as the director says throughout the entire movie. This allows for character to  reach higher levels of "coolness" increasing their popularity among the population. In turn, many will try to imitate them to achieve their cool factor, thus creating more violence from media.

A recent great example has become incredibly popular. Zombies, they are everywhere, and may be able to lead us to  a more definite cause in what media is making people violent. What is interesting is that recently, zombie based content has been becoming more and more believable. Some shows and game even using scientific proof to show such an apocalypse can happen. Naturally, it has also become a great topic among people on "What will you do when the zombie invasion starts?" I think this is important to look into because it shows a bridge between virtual media crossing into real life, making people perform actions done in media, in real life. It could either be the movies, the game, or shows like The Walking Dead. But its recent gain in popularity makes it hard to discern which is causing the violence.

Another thing that can be said about violent video games not being the real problem is parenting. I recently read an article about a store clerk for gamestop saying that he has seen many parents buy their underage child Grand Theft Auto V. So is the problem the video game? Or parents not understanding the risks of buying this product for an underage child? Or is it that parents just don't care? Well, I personally feel that parents just aren't warned correctly about these games. I think that the warning on maturity on the game should be larger, and more visible. This will almost force parents to read it, and truly understand what the product is. This may make a huge difference on this topic, but all we can do is try it

The main reason this blog exists is because of something that has come to my recent attention. It seems as if violent video games get blamed for violent tendencies in children. But  we make this assumption before we consider other media sources to be the problem. Such as movies, the reason movies are a possibility is because they portray a character, and he does scripted actions, allowing greater quantities of violence and "cool" scenes to occur. Unlike video games, where you control the actions of the character, disallowing such complex scenes to happen. These complex scenes in movies may be a major contender for why children have become violent with the rise of media.
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