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A prayer focusing on finances 
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When Christians Speak Talk Radio

"The True Followers of the Way"(Acts 9:2 and later in Acts 18:26; 19:9, 19:23; 22:4; 24:14 and 24:22)
When Christians Speak Talk Radio with Rev. Ray's profile photo
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About this community

When Christians Speak Radio is an online radio station that informs and listens to our listeners of current events. The W.C.S. interviews Christian guest speakers on a variety of topics. The host of When Christians Speak (Rev. Ray)is a strong believer in the power of intercessory prayer. Rev. Ray uses the gift of exhortation to minister to others as a platform of what God has given him to do. Rev. Ray is a Stroke Survivor by the new mercies of our Lord Jesus. So glad that he loves us all and has redeemed us to the Father. Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit says The Lord!! To God be the GLORY!!!! When Christians Speak Radio Broadcast show are on Thursday @ 12noon with Pat Randall, Friday @7 pm and Sunday @ 5 pm.
The American truck driver is one of the most important people we have in our society. I thank God for each one of these men and women. Thank you for what you do and the time you invest
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