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Name: Dante
age: unknown
description: He is the second son of the demon Sparda and the human Eva, and the younger twin brother of Vergil. Dante is a paranormal mercenary, private investigator and vigilante Devil Hunter dedicated to exterminating evil demons and other malevolent supernatural forces; a mission he follows in pursuit of those that killed his mother and corrupted his brother.

idk what else to put lol

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Mai hamda
Age : unknown
Race : unknown
Bio : unknown

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Name: Naruko Uzumaki
Gender: female
Age: unknown
Race: Evil ninja
My parents died when me and my bother were born. We stood up to bullies for our friends. Sure we might have gotten beat up but we never gave up on what we believe in. Our greatest adventure was meeting our parents

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Zenkai Touru
Idk what to put

Eating humans

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Name: Kira Akari
Age: 425 (looks 16)
Species: Water Demon
Personality: Quiet, Adorable, Kind, Deredere, if you tick her off she will legit kill you
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Likes: Water (duh), singing, practicing her magic, spending time with friends
Dislikes: Dancing, being the center of attention
Bio: She died at the age of 3, and her father resurrected her, by turning her into a demon. She was separated from her father, and brought to the school when she turned 12.
Power Level: No one can match her ability
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Name:  ♣ ƒℓєяуυ イザヤ書♣
Age: 19
Species: Fire Demigod ((Base form))
Personality: Tsundere, Loving, Hotheaded, Caring
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Likes: Spicy Meatballs, and food and Hot Weather and Fire
Dislikes: Cold food, Cold Weather and Ice and snow
Bio: I was born in the God's Realm and i killed 10,000 Demons when i was just 7 but after i turned 13 i ran away from home, my father was Apollo the God of Fire and my Mother is Freiya The Goddess of Fire, after i was on earth and found the freedom that i want and gone to explore

Sets of Skills

Fire Ball ((Sizes)):Normal - Minimum Damage, Medium Doubled, Mega Big, Tripled
Flair Step: It's a Fire Teleportation that use to dodge or to attack the enemies
Using Fire Shapes and Sizes depends on the Size until 500 feet when in base form

Physical Strenght is Superhuman and speed and also Endurance and Intelligence of so much Fire Power

Fire Aura: An Automatic Aura of surrounding of Fire and Flames within his Body

Volcanic Flame Wave Burst: A Big wave of Fire that is the Size of the Ocean

Phoenix Wings: It's for Flight and increases Speed


Phoenix: 14 inches Phoenix that can pulverize the enemy
Dragonic Flame Haze: A Dragon Snake Shaped Form of a Dragon that can turn anything into a crisps, ((Maximum Size 500 Feet in base form))

Apollo's Blessings: Use the Name of the God of Fire to bless your blood and vessel to be invincible that will master the Art of the Holy Flames and can be unstoppable

Fire Sphere: Uses a Field of Fire that can increase Fleryu's Power 15% all stats

The Flame Haven God Form: A Lethal and Dangerous transformation that turns himself into a Blonde slightly Red hair Color and his Right and Left eyes to Yellow to Red and Increases his power simultaneously and can make his power manipulate Holy Flames and the Haven's Flames

Golden Flames: It can be use to all People the damage will be harsh  and can burn anyone into a crisp ((It's more effective on Demons alike))

Haven's Flame: Using the Heaven's Flames from Above that was blessed by a Holy power it can purify and Burn anyone with a single contact

Golden Flame Chain: It has the power to bind you for 50 seconds

Fire Sun Ball: It's a Sun Size Ball that uses lots of Heat and Fire that can obliterate the Opponent with a Single Throw ((Can be use 500 times))

Holy Flame Haven God: A Flame that can burn your soul by Fleryu's Will

Holy Flame Dazzling Blaze: A Big Fire Ball in your hand to burn them

Holy Flame Wing Talons: Uses Phoenix Wings and Fire from Fleryu's Hand as a Phoenix Edge Attack

Abilities of the Holy Haven God is to increase and past the Limits of a Demigod to almost exceed his father's Power

Fire Heal: Basic Healing Factor


The Phoenix Gloves: It was made by my Mother and blessed with the Phoenix Spirits of Flames so i can use it and it has a fire power doubled when i wear it

El Ryu Sword: It was my first Sword that my Dad lend me when i was just training and i have mastered it to kill demons in one fell swoop of Slash but i never intended to use it

Holy Flame Shot: A Gun that i made when i was in the human world, it is just an ordinary gun in a a naked eye but it has a very strong Flame Bullets of Energy that can vaporize anyone who comes contact me

Holy Mind: If someone tries to invade my mind or manipulate it, i just use my Holy mind to burn the corruption

Visual Prowess

Emperor Eye: A Golden Eye that can foresee the future and can see everything from the range 50 meters and has the power to see any dark manifestation or anything that is corrupted and can be purified

Complete Emperor Eyes: A Golden Eye that has evolved into something more, he can foresee the future and immune to all special effects, this will be completed only if you have lost something valuable to you and in return the Eye will grant you an evolution makes your eye complete

Abilities of the Complete Emperor Eyes

It has the power to manifest holy energy and purify any darkness around it has healing wards and also flaming wards, when an opponent takes damage to you it will reflect to them 3 triple

The Eye can only be within you once someone has stolen or rewritten and nullify its effects, the Eyes will gone forever, not even you can have it anymore

It has the power to call the Red Flame Cosmos within and they will be massive and very powerful

Red Flame Cosmos: It has the power to bring utterly complete destruction, its power is only on the users will so it is not a matter but a will form from its user, it's not an element that is use, it's a will that comes from a user

Isaiah Form


((It hasn't been stated yet))

((Enjoy my profile))
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