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Hi all. Just introducing myself. I'm a fairly recent arrival from Canberra, having moved there from Perth in 1990. I've included a link (hopefully) to some of my work; none of which is from Perth as yet.

Hi all....I'm Annie-Lee.
I only just signed up to Google + this morning and immediately went in the hunt for some local photography groups.   Photography has been a big passion of mine for many years,(as it was for my father too), but it's only the last few years I've really made the time to get into it.  I'm hoping to ramp things up a bit in 2013.  Look forward to meeting you and sharing :)  Have a great day

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Hello all, I'm Mike, I'm currently a 'Perth photographer' but perhaps for not much longer. Do a bit of fashion type work, and the occasional more personal "arty stuff". I wouldn't call myself a professional though! 
Website is

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Hi there - I'm Sabrina, a hobby photographer in Perth :) I mainly do portraiture and this year have been dabbling in food photography. I love using both natural light and speedlights.

I'm a medical student so I try to squash photography in between hitting the books and attempting to have a social life. If you wanna see more, my blog is here  :)

Interested in being a part of a Perth photography group & just hearing what other people have to say! Especially interested in any unique locations around Perth for portraiture :)
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Hey Bel. Thanks for the invite.
I don't get on here much apart from the odd iPhone visit, so didn't see this invite till I looked this evening.

Im in Perth (ish) and currently drive busses :-(
I shoot anything realy but am partial to long exposure and lightpainting.

Hi, my name is Will ^^ and I like taking landscape photos! :)

Hey everyone,
I generally lurk online at a professional level -- usually crazy busy, but I show up at events from time to time. Love photos, photography, photographers. It's all good.
During the day, I poke my fingers at computers and make them do stuff.

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Hello Perthlings,

I'm neither a photographer nor a visual artist, but since +Belinda Ireland invited me to join, I shall confess I enjoy the occasional dalliance into both ways of seeing the world. For now, though, it's all about the +LEGO . :)  

How cool! (Except i can't for the life of me how to change my profile pic!!) I'm a music teacher and have a bit of a love for photography - shoot mainly landscapes and people.

Hey everyone, I fit into the ish part of this community. From Bunbury but have friends in Perth so visit frequently.

As for photography I worked as a journalist and photographer at the +Busselton-Dunsborough Mail for 3 years taking general and sports pics. Now I'm a digital journo with Fairfax WA so don't take photos for work but still enjoy getting out and taking landscape and sports photos and anything else that looks cool.
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