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Change is a com'n

OLTD (Cohort 5) is beta testing G Suite for Education (GSFE).
Next year we will be piloting GSFE for the VIU Education Department.

We are playing with Google Classroom and a whole host of features.

Why? Lot's of reasons. We have the best reasons. We are the best reasoners. Nobody reasons like us. The best.

Ok, ok... some reasons: added security and privacy protection, no personal information mining for ads in most of the apps we'll use, the ability to manage accounts, Google Classroom, more seamless integration.... the list goes on and on.
It has been an interesting journey, with the development of an almost 50 page Privacy Impact Assessment, a new FIPPA consent form... AN ONLINE ONE! That's right. An online FIPPA consent form. Finally.

What will this change mean for this G+ community? Well, although it will remain open so that folks can come back for resources and ideas, and can share information across cohorts, the course-based discussions will take place in the private, cohort-specific community.

We will let you know how it goes. We are great at keeping people informed. We are best at informing. Nobody is better at informing than we are.

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DOIs & usage information now available through VIUSpace

The Library recently entered into an agreement with DOI registry DataCite Canada to issue digital object identifiers (DOIs) to items that are submitted to VIUSpace. Newly submitted versions of articles, posters, chapters, and other works will receive DOIs that can be used to consistently locate the associated version of the work.

It is also now possible to view usage information for selected items in VIUSpace, including traditional metrics such as citations and references, together with social indicators such as tweets and mentions. This information is gathered through the use of the Plum Analytics service, and is facilitated by the presence of DOIs.
More information about DOIs:

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Hi All,
I just wanted to share this page which lists opportunities for funding for students to present and/or attend conferences related to their VIU studies. With Randy's CaneLearn conference upcoming in April it might be worth applying.

I believe it is the Jessica Wilde award that applies to students in graduate programs.


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I'd like to reach out to the OLTD Community to invite anyone and everyone to join our ongoing conversation on BlendEd learning in BC.

We (very) recently launched a new network called the 'BlendEd BC Network' which primarily focuses on connecting educators from around the province who are interested in (or are already) implementing blended learning into their practice. We are still in the very early days, but we would appreciate it if you considered checking our our website, joining the BlendEd BC Google Plus community, following us on twitter ( @BlendEdBC ), and overall participate in the dialouge.

If you (or someone you know) is implementing blended learning in their practice, or running a blended learning program, please have them get in touch with me so we can feature them on our BlendEd BC showcase page. Please feel free to share this information with educators, administrators, etc. in you circles as well.

Thank you :)

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Looking for feedback on my Masters project. If you have some time, please check it out!

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Has anyone used this? A "Dropbox" that is Canadian and PIPA FIPPA compliant? Wondering if anyone has had success with it?

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Interesting extensions for the "growth mindset!" As an aside, I didn't realize that Dweck began research in this area in the 1970's but I guess it makes sense that decades of investigation is what is required before something is more widely accepted.

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Any grade 5 teachers out there? I was tired of listening to the kids singing Ed Sheeran's "Shape of you", so I decided to break it. Maybe you can use this!

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Hi everyone, I have been working on a website to train students on proper online behaviour. I am considering changing my Masters topic and following this one instead. I'm excited about developing a game for it... I would love to hear what you thing of it so far.

My Site
My Site

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I love Explain Everything, but I had not thought of using it to create flipped classrooms. This is a great video done from a teacher's perspective. I learned a couple of things, such as creating a video by flipping the camera... and light sabers. :)
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