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24 white m in the Phoenix area. I would love to taste some yummy milk and suck for hours, dry or wet. I may travel out of state if we click;) email

Men seeking for ANR. Ladies kindly message if interested.
In Dubai

25 year old looking for ANR first time trying this been missing my lactating breasts and been real interested in ANR

Any ladies in the Bay Area? Still thirsty and still searching.

I am from San Antonio, 55yrs, and was in an Adult Nursing Relationship for two years. Would be interested in helping a woman start lactating, or ABF to relieve pressure. I am eventually hoping to find one woman for ANR long term. I am in the starting stages of muscle atrophy and really need the milk. I guess my body got use to it. I am trying to gain weight. Eating peanut butter by the jar. I don’t want prescription steroids. I am not a body builder. I have a decent frame. I am trustworthy and would respect all wishes. My former partner was a nurse, so I have plenty of knowledge.

Hi I'm from Fresno CA and I'm looking for a man between the ages of 40-55. I'm looking for someone to help induce lactation, someone that's not afraid to suckle my nipples for hours, stimulate and just help them produce milk. I have lactated years ago but still get a few drops. I have even taken herbs to help bring in my milk the problem was my man thought it was gross. So I stopped taking the herbs and just gave up but I know there are men that really enjoy this. I just haven't had any luck finding someone.

I'm located in East Mesa of AZ searching for a male under the age of 43 interested in Abf.

Denver area woman looking for male or felmas suckler.. non sexual, dry suckling to start.

Hello everyone, where to start? My name name is Jeffrey and I'm pretty new to this ABF/ANR, I don't know how, but I am. Perhaps, because it really brings the the two together, to really feel bounded, basically trust each other. Im in the Antelope Valley area, I will like to give ANR/ABF a shot. Message me in the comment section or my email if your interested, and perhaps get to know each other.
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