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Note: All players must have a profile or else you will be BANNED

Second Note: Please advertise or invite as many people as you can!

♛Character Profile Template♛
Real World Name:
In-Game Name:
Level: (For all players except for staff, level 1)
Weapon(s): (Don't get carried away)
Sword Skills: (Maximum: 6; I think there are Sword Skills)
Original Sword Skill(s): (Optional; Must describe)
Guild: (Optional)
Party: (Optional)

1.) No such spamming
2.) No cussing
3.) Don't get too carried away in your profile
4.) No non-propreate stuff
5.) No killing in real life

Info About Stuff
Original Sword Skills are skills that are creates by other players in ALO. They are invaluable since it's a one of a kind, created to suit different types of players.
Guilds are groups of players that work together, sort of like a clan or tribe-ish thing.
Parties are groups that can be disbanded whenever the leader want to.

ALfheim Online Races

Cait Sith: Cait Siths are skilled beast tamers with the best eyesight and high speed. They are recognizable through their cat ears and tails.

Gnome: The brown-styled Gnomes are the largest of the fairy races and specialize in Earth Magic.

Imp:  The purple-styled Imps are the masters of night and are blessed with great night vision.

Leprechaun: Leprechauns are the blacksmith race and are blessed with mechanical wings.

Pooka: The Pookas specialize in using music in combat to confuse and attack opponents and support allies.

Salamander: The red-styled Salamanders are considered the strongest race in terms of attack power and are masters of Fire Magic.

Spriggan: The black-styled Spriggans are masters of Illusion Magic and excel in treasure seeking.

Sylph: The green-styled Sylphs are considered to be the fastest race and are masters of Wind Magic.

Undine:  The blue-styled Undines are masters of Healing and Water Magic.

(Note: All the fairy have wings, but you can tell in your profile that you don't have wings if you don't want to have wings)

To Become A Moderator:
1. Must have a profile
2. Must have shared this community to at least 3 other communities
3. Fill the info sheet below:

Moderator Sign-Up Sheet:
Real Name:
Character Name:
How Much Have You Shared This Community?:

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Does anyone know what anime this is? Or where this came from? 
Animated Photo

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This is so awesome! The last one was a One Punch Man type move! So epic! 

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The Love story of a human and a monster. MUH DETERMINATION DOH!

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Uh, oh. Yui wasn't supposed to see that... O_O

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Sorry for posting so much in a small amount of time, guys. I just can't help showing all the stuff I find to everybody because I know it will make you laugh yourselves 'till you shit. On that note, here is another image! ^-^ enjoy!

(also, fyi asuna, this is not true. just really funny)

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So true... ^-^

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I know what you're probably thinking... "I didn't know you felt that way, Kirito." But I assure you, you're completely right.
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