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Hey im starting up the creepypasta role play on kik again if you want to join I'll need kik name and who you want to play as ^-^

Leans up against a tree starring up at the stars

Name: Robin 
Gender: female
Personality: Adventurous, Shy
Species: Wolf/Human
Mate: none
Gender: female
Like: Walking in the woods
Dislikes:Being alone
Strengths: Great Hunter, Strong Fighter
(bio) These two have been shunned there whole live they were always made fun of because of their blue hair. They never really quite knew why they are so different. It was always a mystery to them. Their parents abandoned them out in the woods. They learned to only depend on each other,  on every full moon they run through the woods without a care in the world.

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You want one?😘

Name: Lucas Willow
Age: 15
Likes: Company
Dislikes: being alone
Personality: Crazy,Mental, Cold-Hearted

Bio: [Direct from Asylum] Crazed Killer, Any person that has gone into his cell has never came out alive. Spends days of life in prison and he has broken all the cameras in his room. He is believed to have a tail which has a mind of its own. The tail had killed two people while Lucas had killed one person at his house before being taking directly to the insane asylum. Banned from ever leaving cell from many killings in the lunch room. There shall be no trials at all for this crazed lunatic. He believes to call his tail Don even though it shall not speak back to it. If you see this person outside of your house call 911 immediately.

Can I make a profile later?
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