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((open Rp please Rp as Levi)) I was fighting with Jean.. Again.. ((everyone is the same but me I'm the Fem version of Eren nothing happened to me though it's just how this goes)) "Just shutup horse face!" i was just about to hit Horse face until I heard Levi-Heichou yell my name "Jaeger, my office now!" I thought I gosh I love you Levi-Heichou.. I was snapped out of my thoughts when he yelled my name again "Erin Jaeger now!" "Sorry Heichou!" I followed him to his office I walked in I heard the door shut then lock then all the sudden I was pushed against the wall.. "U-uh Heichou what are you doing?!" "Just shutup brat" I felt a pair of lips to touch mine, they were soft.. Then Levi.. ((please Rp as levi)) 
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