Welcome, Sunday Stoner.  You rank initiate currently, and should try to advance.  Go spam random g+ communities and destroy Facebook.

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Welcome to TDA!  Each member is expected to be extremely Douche-y and Kanye.  We have ranks for each member, and you can advance through acts of douche-ness.  A true douche is a douche everywhere, not just when people are having nice days.  Kanye is our saviour, but so is the True Douche.  We have yet to find the King of Douches, AKA the True Douche.  Every member has a code name that is three words long and starts with the word "The" i.e. The Mighty Douche, which would be called TMD.  Always have teh bad grehmerz and spehling.  420 blaze it, Smoke Weed Every Day, and watch for the Illuminardi.  Your Leader, TDA (The Dark Affliction.)  No offense is meant to anyone regarding the hierarchy.

The Hierarchy:

Initiate - Equivalent Secret Rank - None

Page - Equivalent Secret Rank - Below Initiate

Squire - Equivalent Secret Rank - Shameful

Knight - Equivalent Secret Rank - Fag

General - Equivalent Secret Rank - Bitch, Please!

Foot Soldier - Equivalent Secret Rank - Obama

Bazooka - Equivalent Secret Rank - Dj Mustard/Khaled

Bomber - Equivalent Secret Rank - Unknown

And more to come. . . 
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