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DrawIt works on the admin screen but does not work for frontend editing (or I just don't know how do it). I want frontend users to sign up for membership and then be able to manipulate the image to their own liking. Ideally, something like this.

I have installed Beaver Builders plugin but not sure how to use it with DrawIt for frontend editing. Please guide. Thanks.

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I've hit a problem with my own embedder (which we discussed over on and while I think about fixing it I wondered whether the SVG option of DrawIt might be worth investigating - especially since my own embedding was producing SVG anyway (so IE11 issues to be considered...)

I changed the setting to allow SVG uploading and selected SVG as the default, resulting in an image tab with src as xxx.svg. But none of the links in my diagram are accessible.

What am I missing?

News! My site is open for (private) testing and if you look here with IE 11 it seems that foreignobjects aren't a problem any more (at least for me) as there aren't any... something changed in the last few hours in how are rendering I guess.

Best regards, Julian

I see DrawIt button in the quicktags bar in Comment editor (when logged in), but I cannot use it.
Otherwise, everything else works.
Anyone has solution? Thanks.
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