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Usain Bolt reveals he wanted to quit his sprinting career after being booed by his home fans

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10 Reasons Why Usain Bolt Is Extraordinary

1. Usain Bolt is hailed as the greatest athlete of all time.
2. He holds the most number of Olympic gold medals in the field of sprinting.
3. He is the first person to successfully defend his title in the Olympic Games.
4. He has been named as a World Athlete of the Year several consecutive times.
5. He holds the fastest record in the 100 meter track (9.52 minutes).
6. He holds the fastest record in the 200 meter track (19.19 minutes).
7. He has dominated almost every competition he joined in.
8. He brought the sport of sprinting a fresh start after so many years of scandals.
9. He established his own charitable foundation, the Usain Bolt Foundation.
10. He is hailed as the fastest man in history.

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