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This community is based off of Cassandra Clare's urban fantasy novels, The Shadowhunter Chronicles.

Current year: 2016
Current location: New York City

1. Respect each other and the mods.
2. If you aren't sure about something, please ask! We'll be happy to help~
3. No god-modding or bunnying when you are RPing
4. Your profile must be approved before you start your RP. If it's not approved within 24 hours of your creating it, please tag a mod.
5. This is an urban fantasy series. Yes, there will be all sorts of magical abilities, but do not make your characters OP. No powers outside of the canon verse are allowed.
6. Members are limited to 10 OCs; mods to 15; owners to 20. Please indicate your OC number in your profile.
7. No canon characters outside of warlocks, faeries, and vampires. That being said, it's perfectly fine to "remake" a canon character, but there shouldn't be any carbon copies of, say, Jace, for example.
8. Canon families may be involved, but as of now, all events that have taken place in The Mortal Instruments and The Dark Artifices have been rendered non-canon. The Infernal Devices and The Last Hours remain canon, however.
9. We work using a three-strike system. First offense will get a warning, second will get a temporary two-week removal from the community, and the third strike will result in a permanent ban.
10. Have fun~
If you have read these rules, comment, 'Basia coquum' below

*Age:* (Physical and actual, if applicable.)
*Parabatai:* (If applicable)

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Name: Hallie Briar.

Nickname: No nickname.

Age: Twenty-One.

Status: Single.

Gender: Female.

Species: Shadowhunter.

Weapons: Twin long and narrow Saraph blades, as well as throwing blades.

Parabatai: No Parabatai as of yet.

Appearance: -See picture below.

Sexuality: Lesbian.

Faceclaim: Anne Hathaway.

_Personality: To be revealed through roleplay, yada yada. _

Family: Anthony Briar. (Father.)
Susanne Greywater/Briar. (Mother.)
Emily Briar. (Aunt.)

*Bio:* An only child, Hallie Briar was born to Anthony and Susanne Briar, two skilled and efficient Shadowhunters. From a young age, Hallie began training so that in the future she may follow in her parent's footsteps. As she was dedicated to her training, Hallie had few friends, and didn't like to socialize. As she aged, She became a very skilled warrior, and fought against the demonic entities with her parents. Training finished, and battles far between, Hallie was stuck with what she dreaded; Social interaction.

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Time: Afternoon
Location: Hall of Accords, Idris
Character: Marianne Whitelaw
Open?: Sorry, closed to +Jacob Chastain 

In the Hall of the Accords were three rings of fire, aligned in a single file, two of which held occupants, a third, which joined the two, empty.

Marianne Whitelaw looks across the leaping flames with level blue eyes, at Thomas Arrelia, who would become her parabatai this day. He will no longer be her best and dearest friend after the ceremony.

They will not merely be warriors who fight alongside one another; they will be vows to lay down one's life for the other, to travel where the other travels, to be buried in the same place, echoed by the vows they will soon repeat together.

Entreat me not to leave thee,
Or return from following after thee—
For whither thou goest, I will go,
And where thou lodgest, I will lodge.
Thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God.
Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried.
The Angel do so to me, and more also,
If aught but death part thee and me.
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Time: Midnight
Place: The Roof
Character: _Tatiana Blackwell

Finally, some peace and quiet. Tatiana thought, laying back on the blanket gazing up at the night sky. Nikolaj was being so irritating and her mother kept blaming her for his idiotic actions and late night demon hunting excursions.

It was a warm August night, the Perseids were in full swing. If only it wasn't so damn light all the time. New York was a city that never slept and seeing the stars was always a feat but every night for the past three Tati had tried and failed. Tonight would probably be no different, but tonight she had a wish to make and she would make that wish no matter what.

Time: 10:38 PM
Place: The Training Room
Closed/Open: Closed to +Jacob Chastain
Character(s): Evelyn Roselin

Evelyn stood still, her eyes closed and her seraph blade laying a few feet in front of her. The only thing keeping her from her weapon was a dummy. She concentrated, making sure her mind was only on her seraph blade.

And then she moved.

Moving forward, she suddenly dropped and slid underneath the dummy she was fighting against and grabbed it, opening her eyes. She slammed her blade into the dummy's back.

She expected to hear her brother shout about how cool that was, but when she guard nothing, she sighed. She was alone.

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"Those who hunt the defenseless are the scum of the Moonlight night."

Manuel Bonitez

Manny, Bond





As a werewolf? He doesnt need them.

Tan Skin, Dark Brown Hair, Brown Eyes

Face Claim:

Strong, independent, caring, determined and loyal

Father: Ricardo Bonitez
Mother: Alexandra McGregor (SURPRISE, HES SEMI-IRISH)

For Manuel life was never normal, from the time he was 6 he noticed that his parents would often put bars on his room when there had been crimes late at night, one night he woke up to whisper, his sleepy eyes saw his parents look at him in sorry, but something was off...he seemed smaller...he looked to his mirror to find a Grey Wolf with piercing eyes looking back at him...since then, hes never been the he acts as a guard for the Alpha's family.

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"I'm young, I'm alive, and.. Nah, never mind, I'll always be alive."
"Wooowwwww.. I'm so scared.."
"Yes, I'm the famous Roselin warlock, now quit fucking staring."

Perthesius "Thomas" Roselin

Thomas or Tom

Age: He's only physically eighteen years old.

Single and pansexual.

He's a boy.

He's a warlock, half human and half demon.

Well, his powers? He doesn't really need weapons.

He's has a v shaped face, with tan skin and round, curious eyes. His face is sharp and you can tell he has no time for your bullshit - his face only ever softens around his sister. He ratty blonde hair that falls wherever it wants to. Overall, he looks like the type that could snap your neck in two seconds.

Leonardo DiCaprio (young)

Though he's more wilder than his sister, he does share one similarity with her - He listens to those who have a higher status than him. He grew up with that basically embedded into his skin, so he can't help but fall back into habit and do what he had to when someone from a higher status tells him to do it. He's very loyal to his family and would gladly kill to make sure his family is safe and protected. Other than that, he's rather loud and sarcastic and he tries his hardest to get on everyone's nerves - He knows he shouldn't, because he could lose his sister forever but he can't help it. It's in his nature. He often ignores everyone, and if you do get to speak to him, he's always rude - you would have to keep cracking away at the shell he had around him to actually know who he truly is.

Maria Roselin - Adoptive Mother
James Roselin - Adoptive Father
Evelyn Roselin - Adoptive Sister

He doesn't exactly remember how he ended up with the Roselin's, all he remembers is that he's been with them ever since he could remember. He's always known that he was adopted and that he was a warlock and not a Shadowhunter like his family. He grew up with them, with his sister, always sticking by her side. They practices together with long wooden poles, they ate all of their food together, and they slept in the same bed with one another ever since they were young. But they older Thomas got, the more his powers started to show. He would be doodling in a notebook or sitting with his sister, and suddenly his fingers with start to spark. Or he would be sitting up at night and suddenly the room would suddenly fill with little balls of light that turned out to be little balls of fire. He was terrified of himself, terrified he would hurt his family and he told himself that he would run away. So, the night he chose to run away, he told his sister he was going to go to bed early and went into their room - that's when his powers went out of control. His hands burst into flames and he frantically shook his hands, trying to put them out as the flames began to fill the room. Everything was a blur after that, but somehow he ended up in his mothers arms. The moment she told him everything was okay, he burst into tears and cried the whole night. The next day, he was forced to leave, and he slept in a hotel controlled by warlocks for the entire year he was gone, begging to see his sister again, doing whatever the clave told him to do until he got to see his sister again. Now, he can come in whenever he wants but he is not allowed to stay over night or live there.
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"How on earth are you able to walk around in clothes like that?! They're absolutely frightening!"
"No one is allowed to say anything about my brother - you may not approve of him, but I do!"
"Yes, I'm a Roselin. What do you need?"

Evelyn Roselin.

She prefers to be called Evelyn, but only the people she's close to her are allowed to call her Eve or Evey.

She just turned twenty.

Evelyn is a single lesbian.

Well she was a female the last time she checked.


A long, clean cut seraph blade.

Evelyn has an oval shaped face, with clear pale skin and oval eyes that show her Asian decent. Her face is soft and motherly looking, with a few laughter wrinkles beside her eyes, and it often calms reminds people that she is not as young as she looks. long, black brown hair that falls past her shoulders like a waterfall.

Phillipa Soo

Evelyn is the definition of calm and collected. She never speaks out - unless your wearing a disgusting outfit, since she's obsessed with beautiful clothing - she never gets on anyone's bad side, and she tries her hardest to be obedient to those with higher status than her. Also, she may be obedient, she does know the difference between taking orders and being stepped on like a welcome mat. If you try to use her for your gain and pleasure, she will disobey you and scold you for your behavior. She's extremely loyal to her family, and she would willingly die knowing that her love ones are safe and protected. She is also very loyal to her families honor and she tries her hardest to make her parents proud of her - since she's the only one who can do so.

Maria Roselin - Mother
James Roselin - Father
Prothesius (Thomas) Roselin - Adopted Brother

Born into a well known family, Evelyn was to grow up kind and strong like her parents are - until everything changed that. Two years after her birth, her parents brought home a baby boy with hands that were stained black as if he had been playing with charcoal. Her parents did not tell the clave of this boys existence, and instead raised him in secret. She was told to take care of her brother and not to speak about his existence outside of her bedroom, and she obediently said okay. Whenever she would train, her brother would train with her. Whenever she would eat, her brother would eat with her. Whenever she would sleep, her brother would sleep with her. She wished more than anything that she could speak about her brother - about how good he's gotten with his blocking skills, or about how funny and sweet he is, or about how he's so intrigued with Shadowhunters that he's read every book on Shadowhunters that there is. But she couldn't. One night while she was practicing, she heard screaming from her room where her brother was sleeping - this was the first time they were not around each other - and she immediately bolted to their room. There her brother sat, in the middle of the bed, the ground below him on fire as he held his burning hands as far away as he could from him. At this moment, Evelyn knew her warlock brother could no longer be hidden and she went and got help. Her parents lost a lot of respect that night, and Evelyn's brother, only sixteen years old at the time, was forced to leave. Evelyn felt as if all of this was her fault, even though her parents told her she did the right thing. Somehow, after a year of begging and helping the clave with his powers every chance possible, he was allowed to come back and see his sister whenever he wanted - though he was not allowed to live there. Even now, Evelyn lives to being her families honor back and make her parents and her brother proud.
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CLOSED TO +Jacob Chastain

Katarina is in the basement, inventing new spells just for the kick of it. She casually paints swirling patterns around the seven-pointed star, adds tiny runes in each of the gaps between the swirls-

Vivaldi's Winter resonates through her Ancient-Roman/Greek-esque house.

A visitor.

After arefully setting down the paintbrush and warding everything, she teleports to the front door and opens it.

4:38 PM.
Training Room
Closed to +ιηѕєят ηιcкηαмє нєяє.

Thomas Arellia stood a few metres away from a training dummy, his blade, Daeva, held ready in a diagonal position across his chest. All was still and silent, as If it were the dead of night, for what seemed like several moments. Then, the storm broke. With a quick lunge and a war cry, Thomas split the wooden figure's head, severing it's right eye completely with a diagonal stroke
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