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Dante Masamune 
Age: Unknown
Species: Demon/Dragon Tiger/God
Weapons: Monochrome twin pistols, Azure Scythe, Demon Gauntlets, 20 katana
Bio: I am a demon who wins at gambling and gives the earnings to anyone who wants it
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Teachers and students of Basara Academy. It has come to my attention that both Basara Academy and The Demon Buster Faction is doing poorly due to less activities. In a few days both communities will be taken down. It feels like nobody wants to talk to me or on the communities.

Hello students and faculty of Basara Academy

Attention students we will be having a fieldtrip to Shikoku

Okay class today we will talk about the battle of Sekigahara

Be sure to add me to get updates

Alright you sea dogs!! We need to get you into strong shape!! I want 3 laps around the school!!
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