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The whole screen isn't central it's pushed over to the right..

When using Instagram theme, you cannot see the chat head icon as it's white, also I cannot share location as it says it's off, even though in settings/apps it's on.. and it needs switch account..👍

Search button still broken

I love this app!! Thanks!

The reaction button is laggy , please fix
And if you can make it more animated
Thanks , i don't think that this is a bug so i posted it here


Thanks for your app.
Here is a bug I found :

When sharing from external app, no possibility to :
- change audience
- choose my page instead of me
- choose a feeling or a place...

Edit : sometimes working. It depends from which external app. Samsung & Opera browser : doesn't work

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I am stuck. I paid in the app and my payment went through (I got a confirmation SMS from Tmobile.) Whenever I try to change the settings it says my payment verification failed. See screenshot. Need help please. I tried to send an email but that wouldn't go through either. Going to reinstall and reboot.

Hey! Would be possible customize bottom navigation bar i mean change color to black. When i change theme to Android Facebook navigation bar change to blue, I don't want change color. I think it's ugly for me with blue color. Thanks for a nice app.

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i want to report something, its not a bug but its hurting my eyes 😑

pic 1 : look at that 'purple' line (official fb app)
pic 2 : its causing that to latest phoenix app

can u do something about it ? i fckn hate it

ps : it is a 'data saver' from my mobile carrier
pss : when on wifi, it will dissapear (same goes to the official app)

#sorry for my bad elaboration
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Phoenix v1.4.0701 is live now!

• New: Chat heads let you chat from any screen just like Facebook Messenger. Enable this feature from settings
• New: Profile picture and welcome message are back in toolbar, again!
• New: Lock toolbar and fab to prevent them from sliding out while you scroll content
• New: Choose news feed type between recent posts and top stories
• New: GIF support for some websites. This is a BETA feature and may work partially or be slow
• New: Share GIFs with other apps without downloading them just like photos
• Fixed: App not recognizing network connection on some devices
• Fixed: Some menu options not clickable under the 'More' tab
• Fixed: 'Content not found' error when changing privacy setting on status composer
• Fixed: Persistent Click to download images not working on all images. Now even faster!
• Fixed: Cites tab reloading in loop when new notification arrives
• Fixed: 'Rate us' dialog appearing even if selected to not show again
• Fixed: Pressing on 'View full size' not opening Photo Viewer for some photos

Enjoy and don't forget to rate us 5 stars on Play Store :)
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