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You are God Alone Piano Chord Progression

Key of Bb

A / F - G - A - C

Bb / F - Bb - C - D

D / C - F - Bb


A / F - G - A - C (FILL IN )



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Major7th on Steroids

Those of you who have watched Jamal tutoral on Major7th will best understand this lesson.
What is Major 7th on Steroids? Well, Major 7th on steroids is Jamal's PHAT way of playing an M7th chord by adding the 9th to it and removing the 3rd.
Don't let the definition confuse you if you can't really grab that.
The idea is that you are not playing a M7th chord the usual way. You are adding some "phatness" to it.

On the key of C, you would play a chord 6 like this:

A - E / G - B - C - E
By inverting the:

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How to Make Your Practice Time Way More Productive
By Prof Samuel
As we get older, there are more and more responsibilities that get in the way of practicing. For most adults, the 10-hour days spent glued to your instrument are long gone. I've encountered the same issue and have thus tried to really streamline my practice. In doing so, I've found (or have been shown) some really great methods to maximize efficiency in the practice room.
Note that many of these tips will be twice as effective if you're also working with a private instructor. If you can't afford it, there are many organizations that offer scholarships to those who want a tutor. I highly recommend trying to find a way to get lessons.
1. Go into it with an actual plan
No matter what the subject is, having a plan of action is the key to efficient progress and productivity. Practicing an instrument is no different.
Keep a record of what the weak areas of your playing are. (If you're unsure about where you're weak, see my second point.) Your primary focus should be on addressing these weak areas until they're no longer weaker. That's improvement, right? But take it a step beyond that. If you know what you need to work on, keep a list of the songs and exercises that are going to help you the most, and make a detailed plan every day about what specifically you'll be doing.
As far as your practicing goes, try to have both long-term and short-term plans. First, set your ultimate goals. Where do you want to be a year from now? Five years? From there, you can make weekly or monthly goals that will serve as stepping stones to reach your primary goal. Then, set daily goals to help you reach those weekly/monthly goals. Even if you aren't able to do as much as is on your plan, as long as you're taking steps towards your goals every day, you'll reach them.

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Rain On Us Piano Chord Progression
By John P. Kee
Back then when we were up-coming as a drummer, if u can't play this song then u r an amature.
For your stage of paying I assume you no longer need me to start spelling out chords for you. I expect you know what C# is, you can form a Gm7 chord. If you can't, then this lesson is not for you.
I feel the armature are abusing this lesson so the need to write in more complex form.

D / F#dim6
C# / C# - GOD OF
Eb / F# - Ab - C# - MERCY
F / C# - GOD OF
EbA / C# - LOVE
F / C# - RAIN - (WE)
F# / F#6 - ON - (EX-)
Ab / C# - US - (HALT AND)
F / C# - FROM - (MAG-)
F# / F#6 - HE- - (NI-)
Ab / C# - AVEN - ( FY)
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