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Hi it been a while since I been in this community 

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U meet me at a park at night and I was sitting alone and I was a killer u een me on TV and then

Hiii I'm new here! So? Let's get started...who wants to rp?

Anyone wanna rp?

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Desired test results: A human-angel hybrid
Acheived test results: A human-demon hybrid with some odd, still maturing powers IE. Flight, Hypnotic abilities, invisibility and the like.

Details About Subject 709:
Name: Belinda Feargus
Nickname: Silence
Age: Eighteen
Crush:No one
Sexuality: Straight.
Likes:Quietness, tea and studying science.
Dislikes:Loud raucous people, Dogs, holy objects.
Traits: Cheerful during tests (Note:May be fake cheer), kind to some But VERY, VERY aggressive to everyone else. Also a selective mute.
Disorders:Tourettes, Depression and Autism.
Eye color: Green but will turn pure black if angered.
Hair color: Black with some reddish, purplish streaks.
Skin color: Pure white


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People actually joined my shitty community?
Wow thank you all guys! 

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Phrase That Represents Me: Can we place consider this might be a trap? (And) So prolong my Life into my Internal Sleep.

Blood Line: Zalgo's Daughter

Scent: Blood & Chocolate

Name: Iris Bloom

Gender: female.

Age: 18 looks younger.

Looks: skinny and pale, in dark clothing most of the time with a water hourglass necklace, with four charms,(( 1. A Spear, 2. A Fencing Sword, 3. Hourglass of water, 4. A wolf Metal head howling)). Her hair normally a whitish pink color almost dark gray her eyes light blue to a deep brick red color.

Height: 5'3.

Weight: 125.

Job: Librarian / student in Fencing - combat - defiance and Acrobatics class.

Best Subject:  Fencing, combat/defiance, History and Acrobatics.

Worst Subject: Unknown.

Likes: candy, fighting, having a plan.

Dislikes: Bullies, fighting, not having a plan, water, being called Child.

Strengths: training from High school years, Acrobatics, her stealth, her anger.

Fears: big body's of water.

Disorders: Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Paranoia, PTSD, A.D.D., Hydroponic, Anger issues, can't feel pain.

Favorites: training when she has times, chocolate.

Personality: strong, sweet, level headed, thoughtful, sneaky, smart, bookworm.

Bio: when she was young she accidentally drown her Twin Sister, ever since then she can't look at water with out thinking her sister's looming over her ready to drown her, she panics and flips out when she's around big body's of water or anything that can drown her in. She went to school in a private school and was trained how to Fence, sword fight, and even hand to hand combat, her Acrobatics helps her with her stealth to even fight and get away with out being heard or seen, she normally doesn't fight only when needed, but she trains every day for at lest two hours. She's also a bookworm, know it all.

Pet: Chamara, Cyberus, and Angel.

Weapons: Fencing Sword, Lence, and hand to hand defiance/combat.

Powers: Telekinesis, Telepathy, wolf be a spirit. and a illness that doesn't allow you to feel pain. 

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Name: Codie the Demon


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Who wants to RP?
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