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Best Business Practices for Office 365

One of our fearless leaders contributed to an article on the “Best Practices and Solutions for Securing Enterprise Data in Office 365”. Office 365 is widely used across all verticals for its ease of use and anywhere technology. Office 365 offers a number of built-in data protection features, but that is not enough. 16 other professionals offer best approaches to securing your data in the cloud which is sound advice. Contact us if you are looking to implement a cloud product.

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You've chosen to run your applications and workloads in the cloud. Now how do you
secure them? Microsoft works hard to protect the Azure cloud. But that's only for the
underlying cloud infrastructure. What about your applications and data themselves?
Azure manages security of the cloud; security in the cloud is up to you. As you move
workloads to Azure, don't assume they're automatically protected.

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The emergence of virtualization, the cloud and mobility — coupled with new types of threats and security exposures — has made securing your infrastructure more difficult than ever before. Read this e-guide, which covers how to create a secure virtualized and cloud environment using data protection capabilities.

You will read more about:
• The cost of ransomware.
• Modern malware protection strategies.
• Securing physical and virtual servers.
• Backup and replication.

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Cybersecurity Predictions

Where will cybersecurity be in 5 years? Security or identity theft stories seem to be a weekly topic on every news channel. Will this cybercrime continue to get worst, or will corporations and the healthcare industry fight back with security strategies to thwart the constant attack. This article shares some frightening insight from security experts around the world. Top experts Speak with @ITSecCentral and give their opinion on the current cybersecurity landscape.

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All about deep learning
Deep Learning explained
Deep Learning explained

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TYFYP - Massive Telnet Password Tester For Routers

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Responsibilities of Social Media Marketing Experts

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