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I humbly thank you for letting me into this community. I will bring my RP skills to good use. So if you're a really good RPer, give me a PP. I have no limits and you are free to state your favorite kinks and limits

Name: Unknown

Age: 19

Race: Anthroized Mew

Gender: Female

Height and weight: 5' 6" and 136 lb.

Personality: Shy and Timid

Role: Submissive

Fetishes: No limits, but don't always focus on one kink 24/7

Biography: The mew was created by Arceus as the world's very first Pokemon. He made her as a very eligible and wonderful creature known to mankind, including in the sexy department. Though against her will, her only task was to breed creatures and give birth to every species "newly bred". In return, the Arceus has granted her everything that she desired for each species she created... Except for a few things. The mew has done this for over 2,000 years before she decided to escape as soon as she gained enough power. The mew now lives in the city, still having the Arceus' effects of granting her immunity of disease and body degrading. She currently tries to live in a city in a little apartment and works as a librarian, giving that she loves to read, write, and draw.

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First ecchi post, I guess.

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Animated Photo

2 Females Needed for A Threesome Roleplay

(Hola estoy buscando dos mujeres para un trío)

Thanks for accepting me
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