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The environment friendly and re-usability features of 'cloth diapers' would propel the Baby Diapers' Market and these features eventually would lead to substantial market growth during the forecast period. Baby Diapers Market would reach $59.4 billion by 2020.

Overall, disposable diapers segment garnered about 66% market share in the baby diapers' market owing to unique features such as ultra-absorbency, range of ergonomic shapes and sizes.
The developed countries such as U.S., Canada and others are utilizing non-renewable sources to manufacture disposable diapers that consume ~300 pounds of wood, ~20 pounds of chlorine and ~50 pounds of petroleum to produce diapers for a baby per year. Such environmental-burden has prompted stringent regulatory restrictions on manufacturing disposable diapers.

Coupled with the increasing purchasing power, and growing awareness in context of infant hygiene, have cumulatively rendered to the growth of Baby Diapers' Market.

Get PDF Brochure of Baby Diaper’s Market Report Study:

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With Happy Baby around,you can keep aside all your baby hygiene worries

Using a cloth to wipe your #baby is not safe because there is a high chance of the cloth carrying germs. When the question is about your baby’s #hygiene, you need safety that is far away from the reach of harmful germs and bacteria. Happy Baby #wetwipes help preserve your baby’s smile by securing germ-free protection for him or her.

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