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I upgraded to the newest Acronis Backup version #15. I've made several backups to my own External hard drive. I am not using the Acronis online for my backups. I'm trying to stay away from the subscription model. I am just a consumer, not a business.

I have both a C:/ and D:/ drive. C:/ has the system, D:/ has my data. Each time I backup, I make one of the C:/ drive along with all the other Windows partitions. Then, I make a separate backup of the D:/ ONLY. 

Now, my friends are telling me that I will NOT be able to restore! Can this be possible? 

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A movement of large files on the hard disk is the defense?

Now I have a problem, hard drive cheap, without the protection of TPM, I coded it, I have a question, when decoding drive specialists can directly get the files? Maybe just make a new disk-based data protection from Acronis? Without the use of Windows What was difficult to penetrate????

Just want to say that now knock True Crupt easily obtained , ie if I did drive unreadable , drivers will be disassembled ( they are easy to knock down) ...

This is very important if you are doing the firmware for secret files specify checksums drivers that would be ( the smallest files in nutri system were in place) And if someone changes the characters inside the tethers do a background check ..

I want to say that one file to replace the BIOS easily , ( but it is difficult to verify the integrity of ) accounts pereutanovit ..

My advice to you if the integrity of the broken display a message about the change .... If you have such a utility that protects data on the similarity TPM, and entered via the BIOS , you need every day to do check these files , and send directly to the system ... And then at the discretion of the user . Or if you want to inform the company , notify the user ...

Especially since there are laws (which no one could interfere in the private lives ) they are important contracts from different companies and wealthy people ...

does anyone have a solution that does not allow to change the hard disk? If you have, I want to buy it.
The system of my computer is always changing, it has a lot of empty space and the files move in the disk.
I need a controler that supervises files and system, and does not allow changes without my authorisation
and permission; that protects my system from non-authorised changes and file´s movements.
If you have a special product, not commercialized, I want and agree to try it on my computer and I will buy it.
After the installation of a Product like this I have to keep internet connection.

Создание кругов
Создавать материалы в гуле стало простым и доступным для всех, но есть странные истории которые связаны именно с этим.

Вот к примеру моя история, так как у меня на данный момент около 150 кругов, я создавал их долгое время, и хотел бы создавать еще, но мне больше не нужно.
Мои круги инженерной тематики и там просто хранить файлы. так же там есть круги ведущих брендов электронники и антивирусных компаний.

История что случилось со мной , или как я не мог заснуть.
В краце я хочу сказать что некоторые из людей
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