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Google+ is shutting down in August 2019. There is a lot of good info here that could be lost. Does anyone have a preference for an alternate forum?

Unfortunately Google+ has been the main space for OSR games, so it might be difficult if not impossible to get all your gaming interests in one application.

There is some discussion about the OSR/RPG community movement here:

Some interest in MeWe:

Also, for what it's worth, I have an admin to Paul Mosher's old Arduin Guild Yahoo group:

If you have a Yahoo email address log in and I'll add you (it's a closed group).

What I might attempt to do is move art, docs, and links over there as a backup.

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For those of you in the SF Bay Area over President's Day weekend, Mark Schynert (reviser and editor of "Compleat Arduin") will be running at DunDraCon a Compleat Arduin scenario described below... (usually on Friday night, and Mark is the DunDraCon game scheduler, so by usually mean most certainly...)

Who Tastes the Taster?
GM: Mark Schynert
Type: RPG
System: Compleat Arduin
Edition: Editor's Cut
Players: 5
Provided: All characters provided by GM
Power Level: 8th
Variations: Glow clouds may not be PTA members
Rules Knowledge: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mature Themes
There's hamburger all over the road in Mystic, Connecticut, Destiny ordered the lobster roll, and nobody expects Spanish disquisition. Fix it; figure it out; enjoy fifteen minutes of fame.

Is Emperors Choice still in business? On 6/18/2018 I ordered two books but by 7/18/2018 I haven't heard back from them so I emailed support. I never heard back from support so on 8/8/2018 I emailed the VP and still nothing. As of today I'm still waiting, do they write/draw each book by hand? Please let me know what is happening.

An Appendix N for David Allen Hargrave

Compiled by Gabriel Roark on August 16, 2018

I compiled this list from Hargrave’s The New Arduin Chronicles zine in Alarums & Excursions #51, edited by Lee Gold, November 1979. This issue of The New Arduin Chronicles was unnumbered. Hargrave included a list of favorite fantasy books/stories that another A&E contributor (Richard Lowe Jr.) had implicitly requested of Hargrave in a previous issue of A&E. The list appears on PDF page 113 of A&E #51.

Anthony, Piers. 1977. A Spell for Chameleon. Ballantine Books/Del Rey Books.

Daley, Brian. 1977. The Doomfarers of Coramonde.

———. 1979. The Starfollowers of Coramonde.

Dickson, Gordon R. 1976. The Dragon and the George. Doubleday.

Donaldson, Stephen R. 1977. Lord Foul’s Bane.
———. 1978. The Illearth War.
———. 1979. The Power that Preserves.

Howard, Robert E. The Conan series.
———. The King Kull series.
———. The Cormac Mac Art series.

Norman, John. 1966. Tarnsman of Gor. Ballantine Books.
———. 1967. Outlaw of Gor. Ballantine Books.
———. 1968. Priest-Kings of Gor. Ballantine Books.

Kurtz, Katherine. 1970. Deryni Rising.
———. 1972. Deryni Checkmate.
———. 1973. High Deryni.
———. 1976. Camber of Culdi.
———. 1978. Saint Camber.

Le Guin, Ursula K. 1968. A Wizard of Earthsea. Parnassus Press.
———. 1971. The Tombs of Atuan. Atheneum Books.
———. 1972. The Farthest Shore. Atheneum Books.

Moorcock, Michael. The Elric series. Here, I just cite the series because Moorcock started publishing Elric stories as novelettes in Science Fantasy magazine in 1961. The first Elric novel was published in 1972 (Elric of Melniboné). It’s hard to know whether Hargrave read the Elric stories in novel form only or in the magazines as well.
———. The Dorian Hawkmoon series. This comprises several novels published between 1967 and 1975, inclusive. Like the Elric Saga and R. E. Howard’s various serials, the Hawkmoon novels were published solo, as novellas, and compiled in omnibus volumes. Hence, I make no attempt to isolate the individual works that Hargrave might have read within the series.

Zelazny, Roger. 1970. Nine Princes in Amber.
———. 1972. The Guns of Avalon.
———. 1975. Sign of the Unicorn.
———. 1976. The Hand of Oberon.
———. 1978. The Courts of Chaos.

Does someone have a good copy of Arduin Adventure character sheet?

David Hargrave's
Thirteen Rules for Survival
1. Nothing is ever what it seems, so always be alert.
2. The Game Master cannot be out-fought, be he can be out-thought.
3. In all melee, battle, or surprise situations, the prime thing to remember is that you must react. Do something, even if it’s wrong. Take action!
4. The surest way out of any ambush is through the point of maximum resistance. Never ever try to turn around and/or retreat. It’s precisely what they’ve planned for you to try. So hit them hard, fast, and hell bent for blood, because you’ve got nothing to lose anyway!
5. Never fight when you can think instead.
6. Beware mixing the three M’s: melees, missiles, and magik. To do so is to court disaster.
7. Remember that for battle you must have preparation; distance between yourself and the target; sufficient delay time in which to wield your maximum firepower, and enough firepower to ensure the absolute destruction of your intended target.
8. Always expect the worst in any given situation. Always be prepared for the worst, no matter where you may be, and truly, through practice, become “the worst” so that trouble will strive mightily to avoid you!
9. You must have eyes and ears in all directions at all times.
10. A closed mouth means silence, which equates to secrecy, which means safety and a surer way to travel. Don’t advertise your destination.
11. Be careful with your weapons - they cut in two directions, and your friends are often more vulnerable than your foes.
12. Every adventurer should be prepared to fight and/or flee at any time with no more than what he is wearing and carrying. And don’t load yourself down with a lot of junk; be selective.
13. The thirteenth, though last, is the most important of all the rules of survival:

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Ruins of Arduin
Ruins of Arduin

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Yeah, it's an older update, but EC wants to know what YOU want to see out of them.
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The Great Ruins of Arduin
The Great Ruins of Arduin
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