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Hello .. Good evening. I would like to know if there is any alternative kernel or rom for one plus 2 that has fast loading support. Example more than 1500mah

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OnePlus 2 Rolling Out With OxygenOS 3.5.8 Update

Guys, during the flashing of MM Oxygen OS on CM 14 nightly build, my OP2 got corrupted and it's SIM 2 does not work now. The service center was unable to fix this and they flashed the MM Oxygen OS. Is the new version of Oxygen OS 3.5.6 working perfectly or are any bugs present in it?
Can anyone suggest how to fix the Sim 2 issue?
Thanks in Advance

Hi everybody!
I'ìm on Unofficial Resurrection Remix 5.8.0 (but i was before on cm14.1/Lineage).

I tried to install oos camera from zip file, but i can't get raw to work (raw option simply isn't there). Any advice? Does anyone know of a nougat rom which supports RAW?

Thanks a lot

I have a problem with the signal. The LTE signal drops all the time. I use ROM Resurrection Remix 7.1.1_r9-NMF26V. I'm from Brazil.
I have already put the APN settings manually, but it did not work. Someone help me?

I cant make my OnePlus2 connect to the car´s infosystem. The car has a infosystem which can connect to the phone (iphone or android) and it is called app-connect. When it connects to the apps, the icons from the phone should be visible on the screen at the cars infosystem, and then using the apps from the phone should be possible, ex. routeplanner, weather etc. (volkswagen media control)
Could any of you be my life-line ?

Si può utilizzare il caricabatterie Dash charge per il Oneplus 2?

Qualcuno sa quando uscirà Nogaut 7 per Oneplus 2? Grazie
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