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It's that time again... work is officially underway on a new Kickstarter event. Some of you hate these reminders. Understandable. So do I. But then, without them and without crowdfunding, there wouldn't be a new Gazetteer. So, sorry for the advance nagging and the inevitable follow ups.

What's this new project?

Remember the Voyage of the Princess Ark episodes from Dragon Magazine? "On Wings of Darkness" blends a new skyship adventure in a 132 pg. geographic Gazetteer packed with info about a realm of wizards and demons.

Going through the table of contents, the following chapters follow the introductory story:
History of Caldwen (with a huge timeline of events)
Lay of the Land (geography, local culture, economy)
Intrigues of the Magi (politics and the military)
Behind the curtains (brotherhoods and secret sects)
A Cast of Many (major NPCs)
Master & Servant (everything about demons)
Beasties in the Dark (monsters of Caldwen)
At the Heart of Magic (about schools of magic)
Secrets of the Cabals (guilds of wizards, specialty magic)
Blood of the World Soul (about an order of mage-knights)
Sky City of Arcanial (a flying city & encounter ideas)

This comes with lots of maps including Thorfinn Tait's magnificent geographic cartography. The manuscript is complete. Crowdfunding is essentially for the purpose of acquiring decent art. On Wings of Darkness is system neutral and should work with most roleplaying games.

All hands on deck!

I just wanted to say the World Soul is such a brilliant idea. I can see so many ways that they could be useful in campaigns and the world's people adventure on.

Hey all so I recently discovered this interesting world while searching Google for an archipelago map for rpg campaigns.

The map is gorgeous and so I began looking up further information about it.

So, this leads me to asking, if I'm purely interested in say a location codex for the world, rather than adventures, what particular books and such would fully meet my needs. I ask this bec ause while I see many books listed on drivethru most seem more adventure focused then world description.

All in all this is really great stuff and thumbs up on creating it all!

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Caldwen is here!
Caldwen, 10 miles per hex - massive poster map

It took me eight months to bring this map from preparatory stages to completion. (If you’re a Mystara fan, you’re probably saying, “What, just eight months?! You posted a map earlier today that took you ten years!!”) Suffice it to say, this is a big map.…

Thanks to +Timothy Brannan’s thoughts about the D&D Cyclopedia and Magic Schools going together, I’m now imagining a Calidar game lens of having a PC group of just-graduated magic school students, now journeyfolk of sorts, heading to Aerie to solve a certain mystery.

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Something special to kick off 2018's new Calidar maps.

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My copy of Dreams of Aerie arrived yesterday. Just starting to read through, but glad to see this one arrive (and was glad to get in on the Kickstarter this time around).

Heads Up

This is to notify everyone that late backer pledges and new orders for Kickstarter add-ons will no longer be processed from this point forward, except to redeem access codes for past printed books. If you still have your access codes and wish to use them, please contact me so I can assist you with those. Access codes do not apply to poster maps (they never did). Printed deck maps are now available at retail. Full-resolution digital files are not available (these were offered exclusively to Admiral level backers). Click the link below for Calidar products on DTRPG. Thanks!

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