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Link to All my Species info

Cotton Mouths-


Killer Skull Ponies-

Lanternie Ponies-

Spook/Ghostie Ponies-

Midas Touch Ponies-

Sutarikiddo Ponies-

Chinsana No Hoseki Ponies-

Love Buds and Ringers-

Star Trailers-

Galaxy Gazers-

Rosethorn Ponies-

Water Walkers -

Water walkers V2-

Heiwana Poni-


Space Cotton Mouths-

Cotton Lantern Skulls-

Starry Cotton Trailers- (common) (rare)

Space Skull Ponies-

Lava Cotton Mouths-

Galaxy Mouths-

Crystal Gem Mouths-

Love Wisp-ers-

Water Hopper-

Water Gazers-

Sugar Skulls-

Star Walkers-

Space Walkers-

With this I please request you don't post the ref sheets anywhere else, since I've linked you to them, list will be updated as more species are made

To buy rights go here please

Or ask
+Chelay Phylen​​​​​​ / +Tachy Cardia​​​​​​
+Caligula Acosta ฅ•ω•ฅ​​​​​​
+Lexi Kitten​​​​​​
+Allie Galloway​​​​​​

Ban List please tell me if you think someone should be added and why)*

**Any questions ask below please

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Person who made this said it's a cotton mouth and Kaitlynn adopted it anyways knowing she's banned from my species.

She was refunded for the oc shortly after and claims she still owns the oc.

(I'm pretty sure this is the right category and stuff)

I have a question about cottonmouths.
I've heard that they have to be sold at a minimum of 300 points, is this true or? Are there any rules at all that apply to the minimum price? I've searched around for info on the refs and such but I couldn't find an answer. Could someone help me?

After being being gone for 3 months or so, I'm kinda uninterested in mlp and ponies in general. A long time ago, I bought cottonmouth rights. Is it possible to refund rights or to sell rights to another person?? (God I feel stupid asking this •^•)

Also yeah. I have proof I bought rights. It's just somewhere far down in my notifications •v• I can find it if asked.

Been a while since i last posted here. I did buy ownership a while back on PrinceCeres on dA Proof here:

So I will be starting sketches of adopts for some species in between owed art. Just figured i'd let everyone know in case someone tried to say they were me ^^"

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Hey +Prince Pomihei​ someone here has asked about your species and how since they are a ponies with a different tail can the be a species

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Draw for MYOs&rights

●Read me●
-Sketches don't count
-I will give you either MYOs or rights depending on the art piece
-Quality over quantity
-When you finished the art piece,say the species you want the MYOs/rights for
-No due date,but if you say you will do it,please do it.

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Comment on original if you can
Cottonmouths are 30
Fox pony is 15
They have the names of what they were based off of
Send points to after I accept
Base by m-edical on da
You will get unwatermarked version once purchased

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Selling for 250-300 straight!!
Please I am desperate and of not any points you can offer OCs but they can be anthros/furries/ferals ;;v;;
3 Photos - View album

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Collab adopts with +Blue Lemonade
Credit to base makers

1: sb-20
2: sb-20
3: sb- 15
4: sb-20
5. Sb- 20
6. Sb- 20
7. Sb- 30
8. Sb- 15
9: sb-30
10: sb- 30
11: sb- 40
12: sb-50
13. Sb- 30
14. Sb- 20
15. Sb- 30
16. Sb-50
All have a ab of 150

We will be willing to look at trade, but we will be picky
Humanoid trade offers only
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