Just came across this group and I'm sad that it's so dead. This honestly could be a great group if people were more active, and if there were more members

Hi! I'd like this group to be more active. I'm not sure why no one else hasn't done the introductions or created any new posts. I created this community because I felt the need for this community. But it's not really a community if no one's participating.

Is there anything I can do to make this space more welcoming? If your hesitant to make a post/reply due to how I come across, please let me know. I have no idea how I come across online.

How do you feel about pop-culture music? Do you bring it into your practice at all?

I use Legend Of Zelda music as a form of prayer or magick; sometimes with fan-made lyrics. I also use some of Yoko Kanno's music for meditation and inner-psychological work, especially stuff from Arjuna.

Hello! I started this community so that polytheistic people who incorporate pop culture in non-magical ways could talk to each other. No need to browse thru tons of spells just to find UPG about a character here!

I work mostly with characters, the concepts, and moral lessons within a series. I'm pretty eclectic. Currently, most of my work has been on Undertale I've been drawn to MLP, though I left the show after season 2. I also have a tiny bit of experience with Gravity Falls, Wander Over Yonder, and Widdershins Adventures series. I hope to interact with other series in the future.
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