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(Yes, I added a bit of extra things if that's okay)

Name: The Doctor

Age: He is 1,196.

Gender: Male

Race: Timelord

Planet: Gallifrey

Transportation: TARDIS

Umm... I have a screwdriver if that counts?

Companions: Amy Pond, Rory "Pond" Williams, Clara Oswin Oswald, River Song.

Strength: Intelligence

Weakness: Shouting, Guilt, Losing "Her"

Personality: Very nice and bubbly. Although can sometimes get angered. 

Bio: Hallo, I'm The Doctor. I'm an 1,196 year old Timelord from the planet of Gallifrey. We were once described as a powerful and wise race. My planet was lost after The Time War, more specifically called the Last Great Time War. The Time Lords against the Daleks and culminated in the apparent mutual destruction of both races, supposedly caused by Me,The Doctor. I "Borrowed" the Tardis at the young age of 236 years. Which is actually pretty young when you think about it......... Anyways. I'm now traveling with my current companion, Clara Oswin Oswald. ((Although I do RP with the Ponds and several River Songs)) I've found my Souffle girl and we've been running ever since.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~RP Sample~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"You're not leaving me again, are you?" The young brunette asked The Doctor as he walked away from her house and headed back to his TARDIS. "You are, aren't you......" She sighed "It's fine. Everyone does..."

He stopped dead in his tracks, not yet turning back to her. Yes, he was. Like always. Like every time they meet. Why couldn't this time so different? They couldn't stay together for to long, she told him.

Turning around on his heels The Doctor flashed her a soft smile. She was right, they had their short little adventure. "Wasn't that enough for you, Oswald? I though you wanted to go back home. So I just assumed.... I would see you again next time."
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