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That's why the Britain have come to be known and called: THE GREAT BRITAIN (GB) . Brace British men and Women + their children to take over the good name of GB . Regards to all scouters: British, Hooshang Jahanbin, Tehran IRAN or former: PERSIA & ancient PERSIANS. My email's 2 addresses are : 1- and second, 2- May God and holy Jesus Christ bless you, the good Btitish men, women and all your children and children's children + over and over.

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Why do we all seek to find the magical Madison to have long long + more long life span / cycle maybe worse is waiting for us man-kinds who knows? Let's just be content with this present life cycle and not demanding for more years to live by. Those of us who have reached long living possible may be in sad star of mind due to lack of bodily and mentally repents who knows better than those of us whom have passed a full century life times. خوب حالا خدا حافظى مينمايم .
U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson highlights shared goals for regional security and prosperity for both the U.S. and regional counterparts, during remarks at a joint press availability at the close of the Conference on Prosperity and Security in Central America, in Miami, Florida, June 15, 2017. #CentAm2017

اميد دارم تمام جوانان عالم در هر كشورى يا مكانى كه باشند از دستگاهيكه جزء ساخته إنسان است Mankind's improvised ميباشد به علومي كه نميدادند تا حد امكان دسترسى يابند ، آمين.

Thank you mister Bill Gate and your associates (colleagues) who initiated and then after invented the Internet. May God bless you and your colleagues.Regards, Hooshang Jahanbin of Tehran Iran, Friday early morning June 16, 2017. Tehran. هوشنگ جهان بين ، تهران خرداد ماه ١٣٩٦ خورشيدى

اميد است كه نوع بشر با همديگر مهربان باشند. همين يا That's all

Wish we humans were totally ignorant of what lies, lying and telling lies or making untrue statements; Amen.

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