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*notice in the papers, a strange new kind of cat has been seen around ratiagans old place, keeping everyone out and bringing food. Olivia flaversham has gone missing, last cited in this area.)
[Name]: Basil of Baker Street.
[Age]: 29.
[Gender]: Male.
[Race]: Mouse.
[Arch Nemesis]: Professor Ratigan
[Friends]: Dr. Dawson, Olivia Flaversham.
[Personality]: Moody, dramatic, brilliant, brave, good hearted, quick-witted, tenacious, dashing, intelligent.
[Appearance]: Slender, light brown mouse, handsome,brown Inverness, Deerstalker cap, green necktie, white dress shirt, brown waistcoat, black shoes with spats.
[Occupation]: Private Consulting Detective.
[Residence]: 221 1/2 Baker Street.

Btw, can I RP as this guy? owO I'm not a moderator and I was wondering if this character counts as famous.

rp with me pls!!!
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