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What I look like

Thx for the invite

Age( in rp only) 13
Gender:male( I 52nd to change genders)
Powers: shapeshfting,healing,i was born with wings so I can fly,control wind or air and nature is my Allie

Breed: I'm part starwolf ,dragon part,part demon

Wear: I usually only wear a pure white hoodie and black jeans I have a full moon necklac on and I have an eyepatch on my right eye I also wear a blue bandana my hoodie hides all my scars.

Bio: my name is wolfstar I'm from a far planet not in this solar system my planet got invaded by space pirate's my parents used the last of their power to send me away my planet later blew up as I landed on earth (4 at the time) a dragon found me. His name was night stream might stream was like a dad to me he trained me to be a hunter, fighter,and user of magic, through time I also learned to controls powers but they slip when I feel very strongly of an emotion eyes will tell you if I'm in a demon,regular,drgon, or wolf beast form later that year when I was. 12 night stream died because his wish was for me to kill him and absorbs his power I then became much stronger nature and me walked side by side ever since
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