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Firearms Rarity and ammunition

(Note: This is mostly for the people that don't know much about firearms. This is here to help, but us not limited to these guns. I would suggest looking up the guns on an image browser like google images to get a better understanding)

Manuel Action Rifles This is a category for manuel action rifles, just so it is easier to sort from other rifles

Mosin Nagant If you expected this not to be first then you are wrong, the Mosin is the most produced rifle in the world, a few million were made. I am going to be focusing on three different models of the Mosin

- Mosin 91/30: Your Mosin Nagant 91/30 is by far the most common variant of the Mosin you will find. This was the main rifle used by the soviets from ww1 though on to other conflicts. This rifle o chambered in the 7.62x54r cartridge, a powerful round that is the russian equivalent to the american 30-06. The rifle holds 5 rounds in its not detachable magazine, and is fed either by single round at a time or five round stripper clips. It has a 28.5 inch barrel with an overall length of 48 inches. They are all bolt action rifles.

-Mosin Nagant M44: The Mosin M44 is the shorter carbine length of the 91/30, that most people would prefer for its shorter barrel length. It has the same specs as a 91/30 besides the shortened barrel for the most part.

-Finnish M39: The Finnish M39 is a really suped up M44 Mosin, (This was done by the Finish). They replaced they left only the actions and mag plates and changed out every other part to make a more accurate and useable rifle.

Mauser 98 The mauser 98 has a long list of brothering models in the 98 class, but I will stick to the basic German Mauser for this one.

Mauser 98k: The German Mauser 98k is a bolt action rifle and was designed in 1898, it features a non detachable magazine that holds 5 rounds of 8mm Mauser, a powerful round. Thee Mauser 98k was the standard German infantry rifle in ww1 and small numbers were used in ww2. The 98k is a useful and accurate rifle. Like the Mosin, almost all of these rifles were surplused to the civilian market.

Lee Enfield _The Lee Enfield was the standard rifle -for the British military through ww1 and ww2. This rifle operates off of a close cocking action, which makes the bolt extremely smooth and fast to shoot. This bolt action rifle fire the .303 British round, not as common in the US, but in the Uk you should have no problem finding ammunition for it. The Lee Enfield came in different variants, most commonly is the SMLE mk.III.

Swiss K31 The Swiss K31 is like a Swiss watch, is is extremely accurate, takes a manstopper round, the 6.5 Swiss, and has a unique straight pull bolt making for fast follow up shots if needed. It has a six round non detachable magazine that is fed either by stripper clips or one round at a time.

Springfield 1903 The Springfield 1903 was the American service rifle through ww1. Firing a powerful 30-06, this bolt action is capable of series damage like all other previously listed rifles. This rifle can hold sox rounds but was only ever issued with five round stripper clips.

Battle Rifles A Battle rifle by definition is a semi automatic rifle that fires a full caliber rifle round

Organized Cities

Glasgow, Scotland

After the brave acts of the Scottish Independence Force, the expanding military has taken more than %70 of the city. A main military base was set up at the international airport, now home to over 2000 troops, 10 British tanks, multiple convoy vehicles, and just recently a single engine Cessna. Glasgow is one of the most organized and thriving cities in the wastes of the world, and is home to the strong military some of us all know and love.

Los Angeles, Aka "Motor City"

_Los Angeles got its name "Motor City" because it is literally half underwater, and most smart people who dare not swim in the highly polluted water use boats as a means of transportation, most have jury rigged motor boats. Although a mildly large place, there are no figures of authority so crime and violence is abundant.

"Lost" Vegas

Formerly known as Los Vegas, Lost Vegas was never touched by warheads, that actually goes for most of Nevada for whatever reason. The reason it is now called Lost Vegas is did to the radioactive barrels being buried in the desert some time 40-70 years ago. These pollutants have made their way up through the ground and has literally made a barrier around the city. Only the toughest of the tough with proper gear dare to travel to the once great city, but only with proper protection. Lost Vegas is home to three main crime families, many casino's and bars, and some rather shady people.


Aloha!, although most of Hawaii is under water, somehow a geothermal reaction caused the island to grow and get higher. Hawaii is home to some really nice people, that was sarcasm. Hawaii is home to a tribal faction made up of women that horde technology. They also kill and eat men. If your a man, it would be a good idea to stay away. There is also an unexploded Hydrogen bomb from the war in the middle of the island.

Moscow, Russia

Cyka Blyat!, just kidding. Moscow is home to some of the most interesting characters you can find in the ruins of the world. During the war America attempted to nuke Russia with their missiles, luckily Russia's ballistic defense missiles shot them down. This also showered Russia in fallout. Fearing a full on ground assault, Putin ordered a wall to be built. The giant steel wall was constructed around Moscow, standing almost sixty feet tall, including guard towers and all. As video games predicted, some went to the metro tunnels to live, while others stayed on the topside because of the protection of the wall, no matter how radioactive it is.


France, in its entirety was bombed with warheads, as well as millions of canisters of a soviet nerve gas called "Violet", for its purple misty appearance. France probably got the worst of things, the country is almost non inhabitable, except for the people called " Angels of Violet" who praise the nerve gas as if it were a god

Hamburg, Germany

Besides having a decent amount of Violet by the borders, Germany has seemed to do alright, even keeping an organized police force. The Germans are a funny bunch, sticking to their old traditions like yodeling and dancing with old fashion. That's at least what the German refugees say. If you were really to go there, it is a tyranny. They adopted a Furher to rule over all of them, or at least that's what they have.

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Lore recreation:

Almost 40 years ago to this day the bombs first fell. There were many reasons, greed, pollution, lack of resources. The list could go on for ages. It was all building up, in all honesty we did this to ourselves. It started with the pollution, the noxious fumes from industrial equipment and city smog combined with everything else caused the icecaps to slowly melt away, along with the demand for fossil fules like oil and minerals like salt. We were going under before we could realize we were killing the earth. The inner portion of the icecaps melted before the outers, funny enough, because of this the ocean didn't have a gradual rise, but instead a massive title wave tearing up the coasts of continents, and filling the with water. Island nations like Japan were all but completely wiped out. Radioactive hotspots including the Fukushima powerplant were flooded into the ocean, killing off most aquatic life

The inevitable came, economy shut down, riots started over shortages, out own military shot into civilians based on mixed orders. International trade shut down, the flooded cities and coasts were considered wastelands. Tensions grew around the world, dictatorships rose, countries invaded each other, and then the icing on the cake. Nobody knows who fired the first warhead. Some nuclear weapons blew up in numerous countries, ballistic defense missiles were launched, troops invaded. A Neurotoxin called "Violet" was dropped in warheads mostly in and around France, although everyone received their dose of the old soviet chemical weapon. People survived how they could, whether it be through cannibalism or simply scavenging in the ruins. Over a span of 40 odd years the world gradually began to rebuild, the scarred and blemished earth was on it's last legs, climate was forever changes, and so were people. It is a hard life, a painful one. Whether you are a survivor, a scavenger, a raider, or just someone trying to find their way home through the crippled ruins of the world, one thing remains. The ultimate goal, survive. And try and live to tell your tail.

The Afterglow: Post-Apocalyptic Roleplay

(Will be added too)

State of Continents

This is an explanation of the geography and current condition of continents and places around the world

Africa - _Africa has suffered a major loss of vegetation due to the change in climate. The middle-most portion of Africa is a raging desert at this point due to the degration in the ozone layer.

Antarctica - _Artarctica does not quite exist anymore, at least not how it used to be in any respect. It has mostly completely melted at this point, and most if not all of its inhabitants are dead.

Coasts - _This goes for every coast around the world, after the icecaps melted we were left with immense and tragic flooding on the coasts. An example of this would be that the western most half of California is underwater, this goes the same with Mexico, Australia, most of Hawaii, etc.

United Kingdom - _The stereotypes of the Brits being smart held true with an amazing example of modern engineering, shortly after all hell broke loose, engineers built giants dams and pumping systems to mostly keep floodwaters out*

Russia - Russia is... Complicated. The vast majority of Russia is radioactive, although that doesn't stop the thriving city of Moscow from staying. It seems that over the years a good bit of the population have grown a small immunity to the harsh radiation. People cling to the large steel walls surrounding the city, rusted and pitted as they are, the still offer some level of protection, even if they are irradiated.

Profile Template:
(Will be added to in future, you can add more if you would like too)






Species: (Human or Mutant)


Hair Color:

Eye Color:

Build: (Features of your body)

Notable Features: (Scars, tattoos, missing any teeth?)

Deformities/Abnormalities: (What is wrong with you, missing arm, radiation burns, lung damage etc.)

Sexuality: (optional)


Armor: (Optional)

Medical conditions: (optional)

Facial hair: (optional)

Voice: (Optional; tone of your voice: Deep, high pitched)

Melee weapons: (Optional, be realistic)

Firearms/Ranged weapons: (Optional, be realistic)

Condition of weapons: (Mandatory if you have a weapon)

Ammunition: (Mandatory if you have a ranged weapon that requires ammunition, you can put none if you have none, please state caliber and quantity)

Place of Birth (Where did you come from)

Biography: (Must be descriptive)


We are in the process of rebuilding and revamping due to technical issues in the past.


(Will be added too)

Although there are many types of radioactive deformed creatures in the rebuilt ruins of the world, we will be focusing on the humanoid element

Humans - As stated these are your run of the mill people, although everyone has something wrong with them, they are still, at the core, human.

Mutant - A mutant is a human with such deformity or difference caused by the radiation or other exposure that they are considered a different species altogether.

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Name: Zero "Stalker" Terrian
Gender: Male
Age: 20-22
Species: Human
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Appearance: (Pic)
Mutations/Diseases: None
Clothing: Worn and Torn Army Jacket and jeans with combat boots.
Armoring: Old Taped together Webbing vest
Weapons: Old AK47 (( slighty broken stockand pistol grip)) (Primary) M79 Granade launcher (( bearly working)) (Secondary), Home made Tactical Knife (Melee), Homemade Axe (Melee)
Gear: Basic Suvival and cooking Gear, Relitivly intact Back pack and Gas mask
Faction: Currently None
Personality: Happy, jokeing, Sometimes Depressed, Lone Wolf based
Bio: Stalker Lived in the wilds most his life he scavanged and scaped to get by but after moveing into a town he dug through the rubble and found what was left of an old jeep and scavanged what he could he trades mostly but dont think hes all nice he can be vilonet if hes pissed off enough

Update on Wherabouts of Daniel...

Rifling, It's what makes the bullet spin. The graceful twirl of gasses forcing the bullet down the chrome lined bore, the 124 grain jacketed lead bullet grazing his jacket, a shotgun blast deafening all in the shallow passage, the casing ejecting from the Cutom Beretta, the clicky metalic sound as the slide goes into, battery, the sound of the primer being struck.

It's funny how keen your senses are when the adrenaline pumps through your veins, the deafing noises of shots become a the small sound of a stone dropping while the smll things become an eternity of noise, gusting into your drum.

Pellets from the birdshot fly by, I seeit almost in slow motion before the crack of my ribs throws me to the ground, the hot many pieces of shot filling tightly woven threads of my vest.


Pierce screams, sending aa burst of .308's into one of their chests before ducking down into the dumpster I had fallen back of, the bueatiful sun glintng off the scrollwork engraving on the slide of my gun.

"Shit Danny boy you're bleeding bad..."

Pierce said,

He rushes to his satchel as shots ring over head, all the noise comes back at once as I get pulled out of the illusion I had found myself in. I cough up a small bit of blood as a man rounds the corner, I pull up the 92F, so subtle, so close to his ear, Pulling the trigger. The shot makes my old friend cringe, the gun going off only milimeters away from his hear throws him towards the brick wall, my bullet, almost seeming slow motion lands on the attacker's jugular.


pierce screams before hitting my shoulder with his bloody hands, a steady stream of blood coming from his ear, he grasps it in pain.

"Motherfuckers is right, Sorry..."

We are both slammed even harder at the wall by a grenade going off close by, two men with Vests and guns come around the corner, firing shots and taking cover opposite, one holding an Ak and the other an M4.

"Ah fuck me, It's about damn time."

I say clenching my torso

Pierce: The Call was sent out a Goddamned half hour ago

Soldier 1: HQ got stormed, they took the colonel.

"Ah fuck me, This was supposed to be a one time job"

I said, afterwards groaning in pain, pierce had not yet recovered but began returning fire again, so much noise...

When the human ear hears the same noise over and over, that noise takes over as the norm. It was almost quiet, the way I heard the shots ringing, either that ot I had gone deaf.

Raising my gun I capped one more with two shots, the Remnants of the United states Military wer moving up, and this was just one goddamned block of New Orleans, If the lady at the farm had told us there was a war going I never would have followed the breadcrumb here.

I fired one more shot and a solder put down his rifle and deployed a smoke grenade through the alley way into the open lot where the last few attackers were holding out, crawling out of cover I quickly grabbed the mossberg 500 I had dropped when I had to pull my sidearm, just then a bullet went through the dumpster and one soldier moved from his cover and began spraying into the hellfire.

Fire, before we knew it Pierce was pulling me out of the wreckage of the crater left by... A 40mm grenade, me, him, and one soldier coughed in the concrete dust, shards of metal along with rebar filled our path. We limped our way back as Tracer rounds came through the smoke screen, barely hitting us. A large explosion knocked me to the ground, Pierce gave me a hand while the remaining soldier shot back. Pierce helped me navigate through the ruins of the crowded city street, we were torn up as a piece of building came loose from the rest, almost crushing us if it weren't for the vines on the building, grey dust like sandpaper on my lungs. I got on my own two feet with my broken ribs and other various injuries, pierce got on the radio.


OPERATOR: Copy this is third station Nova, that's a negative, We lost reception to primary and secondary NOVA FIRESTORM.

pierce looked over to me and yelled


The soldier followed behind us



Operator on radio: Troops fell back to level thr- (Gunshot through radio)

Pierce turned off the radio, trying to inhale the contaminated air. We were running, the sound of the 7.62 MG roaring in the distance.

The vibrations caused another piece of building to fall, right on top of us, we tried to duck in between cars, the soldier crushed to death. Then, Black..

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