May your near and dear ones get addicted to realise the agony of innocent citizions Please ban liquor sales in the market in public interest.
Govt is not concerned about health of its citizens, their main concern is to increase revenue from liquor sales.
When kerala and gum rat can survive without liquor revenue why cannot andra pradesh
Supreme Court last month upheld ban of liquor in kerala last month only.
Gujrat and kerala are dry now.
As per our holy constitution all citizens have equel rights.
By printing warnings the govt have tryed to educate . People but have the they succeeded in controlling consuming wine and tobacco products?
You know the facts.
The irony is that andra govt has given multiple exess targets to the excise deptt. That is double talk and govt is guilty.please talk sense and consider the health and wealth of your citizens who voted them to rule the state and not to bluff and destroy the peace of your people like glutten idiots.serve your People with sympathy and sincerity.
Otherwise what is wrong if we call politics is a dirty game of sqandrels
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