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-####Top 100 Authors awards 2018-2019### Every award is special ####
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Don't Let Go: Broken Boys #1
Now available on Amazon or #Free with #KU!


No One Ever Stays.

Dylan Dosi, lead singer of a famous rock band, battles with his personal demons — an internal battle of hurricane proportions that threaten to overtake him at any given moment. Untrusting, hyper-aware, and always on edge, Dyl keeps people at arm's length while giving the appearance that everything is okay.

Oswald ‘Oz’ Walter is a graphic artist who battles his own internal tempests — ones that cause him to lash out at the most unexpected times. In a constant push/pull struggle within him, Oz stays distanced from people yet craves their company as much as he fears it.

When their individual perceptions can cause the two men to see things in different lights, can Dylan and Oz learn to trust each other? Or will they fall prey to their own self-fulfilling prophecies when yet again no one ever stays?


This book contains realistic detailed depictions of mental illnesses as well as portraying BDSM and a D/s lifestyle.

#mm #contemporary #romance #BDSM #Hypervigilance, #BipolarDisorder #Depression #Anxiety #PTSD #borderlinepersonalitydisorder

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●▬▬▬▬▬NEW RELEASE▬▬▬▬▬▬▬●
For You I Fall: Angels and Misfits Book 1
Available on Amazon or #Free with #KU

"Emotional masterpiece of a love for eternity."
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Amazon Review

"This book tugs at every heartstring, as you journey with Seth and Dante." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Amazon Review


Despite having had a rough life, Seth has a big heart. After spending nearly ten years sleeping rough on the streets of New York, he’s managed to get himself freelance work and a place to live. But his new found security is about to be torn apart, as the horrors of his past come back to haunt him in the worst possible way.

Dante was sent to watch over a young Seth when his mother died. As an angel, he had many rules to follow. The most important of which was to never fall in love—especially when it involves a human who is your charge. For the last ten years, Dante has kept his feelings for Seth hidden. That is until the night Seth’s past catches up with him.

When Seth is murdered, their destinies are changed forever. Feelings and emotions come to the surface, but will the rules that govern the afterlife keep Dante and Seth apart for eternity, or will they be able to find their happily ever after together?

Contains explicit language and scenes

#MM #gayromance #romance #newrelease #angels #ghosts #sexyangels #sexyghosts #broodyhumans #lgbtiaplus #lgbt #lgbtia #oneclick #kindle #kindleunlimited #hotsexscenes #sweetromance #agenderedauthor #demiromanticauthor #LGBTQIA #lgbtqpride #lgbtqianovel #Lgbtqiafriendly #Lgbtqiafriendlynove

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Winner of the Regency Romance Magazine Award for 2016
"This is the type of novel that is truly a rare find... Intense, sexual and full of angst."


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🔥🎶 The Black Mountain Pack Trilogy by Miranda Lynn�🔥

Casey hasn’t had an easy life. On her eighteenth birthday, she learns why she's always felt so different. She’s a shifter. Hiding behind a diner for shelter now that she’s been kicked out of the last in a long line of foster homes, she’s shocked when a man approaches her offering help.

Mack is still searching for the cub his father took in even years after her kidnapping. He had no idea he’d find his mate, and the girl he’s been searching for, Casey, when he offers to help a woman outside of a local favorite diner.

#Romance #KU


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🔥🎶Random Promo: Alpha (Tamed and Trained Book 2) by R. Phoenix and M.A. Innes.🎶🔥

Author R Phoenix and M.A. Innes have a new book out called Alpha (Tamed and Trained Book 2) . Come By Blazing Zane Book Blog to check out this wonderful book.

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Deeply grateful for this honour ##Thank you to those who nominated me and supported my nomination and, of course, thank you to my extended family and friends for always supporting me.
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